Frankie James

Editor in Chief / Owner

A Professional Photographer. Unlimited Substance with an extensive client portfolio working with some of the biggest names in music, sports and fashion.


Video Interviewer

is the Music Director and Assistant Program Director for KZGL and KTMG-HD2. Morning show co-host, afternoon host, and she also programs a metal specialty show weekly. Artist. Musician. Radio Lady. Professional Weirdo.

Krishta Abruzzini

Contributing Writer, photographer, interviewer

I’ve been in the music industry for well over 30-years. Starting off in my early 20’s I worked for Polygram Records, which took me on a tour with Ian Hunter and Mick Ronson as production manager. Sitting between the two in a cab in New York on the way to a show, the tour manager turns around and says, “Young lady, I’m not sure if you know who you’re sitting between, but someday, you’ll get it.” I got it and still do. I dabbled with concert photography and found that was my true passion, besides music. The two together are magical for me. I toured with Jethro Tull as their official photographer, and have shot nearly every national touring band for many years. I’m presently working for a Live Nation Amphitheater as the house photographer and have been working on a cooking show, which I’m finding being an independent film maker is also capturing my interests. I’ve been published in many mainstream magazines with my photos and articles and I look forward to contributing to this new venture in Culture Rock Magazine!

Neeti Sharma

IT Partner

Founder and Investor of Moblize.IT managing design and development of Culture Rock Media. Website:

Aki Fujita Taguchi

Contributing Photographer

is a published and award-winning concert photographer based in Tokyo, Japan. She enjoys photographing all types of music but mainly rock music. Her work has been featured in magazines, online, and shown in galleries.

Al Brzostowski

Contributing Writer

I feel at home when someone opens up about their passion. Not just what’s the norm, but about what really is in their head about what they love. I’ve always been a fan and lover of music, being a musician myself. Being able to talk to these amazing people, and finding out more than the typical fan or writer can get due to restrictions or time, has made me fall in love with music on even a deeper level. And of course is the bonus is that through the imagery of my fiance’ Tricia Starr, Illustrates the moment that I can only write about. She fills in the gaps through her amazing photos.

Ange Cobhman

Contributing Photographer

Originally from Manchester, I have lived and work in Derbyshire UK for the past 2 years. I took up photography around 5 years ago as a hobby and love every minute of it. I generally shoot live gigs, mainly rock but also capture beautiful scenery, animals...anything that's worth it really. My two top favourite bands are Blackberry Smoke and Aerosmith. My hobbies are walking in the hills where I live, gigs, socialising and having fun.. as much as possible!

Jane Lanning

Regional Sales Director, Pacific Southwest

Through my work with both Clickjab Entertainment and countless charitable organizations, I have worked with many high profile celebrities and their management teams, such as: Alice Cooper, Denis Rodman, Jackson Browne, Metallica, Jefferson Starship and Tommy Thayer to name a few. I love to bring fundraising and music together. Having experience many different industries allows me bring the best promotional packages for your company.

Shanda Golden - In The Vault

Live Interviewer

If you came here to check it out, then you probably love music as much as I do. I am happily married to the man of my dreams, guitarist Greg Golden. Together we own Bizarre Guitar & Guns in Reno, Nevada and are raising two teenage daughters. I am often asked what certain musicians are really like, so with that in mind, I created "In the Vault." I am just a lady who loves music as much as I love to laugh. I hope my joy comes through in my interviews and that you feel part of the conversation. Peace, love & aloha


Regional Sales Director - Pacific Northwest

I long have had an interest in Music and I really enjoy helping people learn and appreciate more from this Art. I was formally trained in music starting at 8-years old, and with the inertia of the Music Nexus in 1964 which was the phenom recognized as the Beatles, I have followed our art continually. (Of course I had to pick up the guitar)! I was Director of Sales for iconic radio station KRML in Carmel CA (made famous in Clint Eastwood’s movie, Play Misty for Me) , where I met many jazz greats of our day. I have worked in sales in many regions of the world, including Asia and across the USA. Culture Rock Media is the next logical extension of my passion for music and the utilization of my skill sets in sales.

Tricia Starr

Contributing Photographer

Music has changed my life, so why not photograph that? It’s all encompassing. They both capture a moment. Lyrics can capture an emotion through words. I can capture the same emotion in images as they sing or play it. I want the person to 'feel' the emotion behind the photos. Emili is very well known in Japan for her published work in music magazines as well behind the scene work with CD covers and band profiles. Emily is one of our newest contributors in photography, we welcome her to the Culture Rock Media team!

Lenn Kralt

Contributing Writer / Photographer

Lenn came to realize that she gets the most artistic satisfaction out of shooting live shows of rock bands. Currently, concert photography has become the biggest part of her career

Amy Breaux

Contributing Photographer/Writer

I have been around the live music scene for a while and it’s where I feel most at home. I started as a street photographer and I think I bring a lot of the street aesthetic to my concert photography. I am from the heart of Cajun Country (Louisiana) so there is always a festival or event to shoot. I am passionate about capturing moments, moments that may have been missed or forgotten. I’ve had the opportunity to shoot some of my musical heroes as well as see bands that are on the cusp of greatness and that opportunity does not go unappreciated.

Grzegorz Kieszkowski

Contributing writer / photographer

Kieszkowski is a writer, photographer and a motivational speaker. He reviews and photographs live shows because he loves music and wants to connect the artist with their fans. (,

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