The Butcher Babies …


The name sounds brutal, their assault on the stage pretty much sums it up.  I’m not sure if there’s another female fronted band that has more energy than the Butcher babies.  Pure power can be felt flowing off the stage not only from Heidi Shepherd and Carla Harvey vocal madness of screams, and melodic stylings … but as well the carnage of metal-core thrash, in your face guitars, bass-lines and pounding beats thrusting into your brain and heart felt thumps that moves you body … often into uncontrollable twerks and mosh-pitness. (which could be a new word I just invented.)

It’s the first time I’ve witnessed them live as well photograph their aerobatic stunts and killer poses to wow the crowd.  The Butcher Babies definitely have their shit down when it comes to their live performance stage show, and it’s what the fans bought tickets for.  Seems like their loyal follows and worshipers came out in droves with no shortage in sight, and now I’ve also became a huge fan.  They do not disappoint!!

Highly recommended to see if they come to a nearby venue.  Just be prepared and drink a few cans of energy as there’s no doubt that you’re body will require it to jump, scream, mosh and get your metal grove on … Their performance by itself is exhausting, let alone getting involved with the rest of the fans!!

Butcher Babies are:

  • Heidi Shepherd – vocals
  • Carla Harvey– vocals
  • Henry Flury – guitars
  • Jason Klein – bass
  • Chase Brickenden – drums