There aren’t many bands that stand the test of time, and certainly not many staying together with the core members.  Tesla is one of these rare exceptions holding true to their very existence in pretty much all aspects of writing, performing, stage presence and the most amazing attitude of just about any rock band to date.

America was treated and blessed once again when 2017 came around and they announced another tour.  None of the dates could be as special as rockin’ their hometown of Sacramento at the Thunder Valley Casino Resort to a sold-out show gracing the joyful faces of over 7,000 fans.  There were so many fans that the surrounding parking lots and streets were littered with chairs, RV’s and other setups so they could still hear the concert outside of the venue.

The show started off with none other than the Greg Golden Band … A band that I’m all too familiar with as I’ve photographed and witnessed their solid, rockin’ show many times.  Greg Golden created this band with Randy Scoles & Paul Holdgate, both vocal front-men, Jeff Montgomery holding the rhythm, Steve Brown on skins and Larry Hart, the baseman animal.  Looking up the accolades (Montrose, Oleander, King Cobra) of these band members you’ll see why they have such a huge fan base and presence and they’re often called a supergroup.  So performing Higher Ground, (one of the fan favorites), Cherokee and Rock and Roll Gambler & Long way home which got everyone into a frenzy, the GGB set a pace and induced a musical coma into the brains of thousands!!

Currently, the GGB is still in the studio recording and polishing up their highly anticipated “American Thunder” CD … Which by the way is recorded at Red Hawk Records and produced by Tesla’s own Frank Hannon … Coincidence? Not really, there’s been a connection between these two for many years so it would be obvious for me to say that this will be one bad ass CD for sale!!  Make sure you get yours when it’s released.