Authored by Frankie James

Everyone remembers the day when Creed took to stage and wowed the world into frenzy and breaking the rules by bringing a Christian message to the rock n roll platform … and they did it well!!  With mega hits such as “Arms Wide Open”, they seemed to have touched the hearts of many believers, as well the entire rock community.

So here we are in today’s rock era where musical differences and political correctness plays a huge underlying role in the in the media’s eye. However, Scott Stapp brings this message of all Creed hit songs and amazing stage show back from those yester-years, and packed the venues via the “Make America Rock Again” tour which became highly successful.

Starting off the show with “What If” brought the fans right up off their seats immediately with head bangs and horns up.  A couple songs later, and going right into “Arms Wide Open” and then “Higher” had the massive crowd swaying arms and singing along as if serenading the stage.  Finishing off with “My Sacrifice” pretty much brought the entire venue up towards the stage to rock out.  Sooo, just from this alone, if you weren’t there, yeah, you’ve missed a great show, one that you probably now wished you hadn’t!!

But the tour isn’t over yet, so if this happens to stop at a venue near you, I strongly suggest you get yourself a ticket, some friends and rock out to history.

By Frankie J … Anyone Got earplugs?

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