Greg Golden’s Bizarre Guitar


For musicians, all alike, there’s nothing better than to find a location that carries the most unique musical instruments in the world, and that place is Bizarre Guitar, owned and operated for over 40 years by none other then Greg Golden, a guitar master himself.

I mean there’s mom & pop guitar shops and stores … and there’s franchise outlets and web deals, but there’s only one Bizarre Guitar that truly gives you that feeling of “Damn this place is bad ass”. One only needs to walk through the store to experience that wow factor. And if you have ever been granted a personal tour through the Vault, you’ll have witnessed one of the top collections of rare, hard to find guitar gems that this planet has to offer. I know as I’ve not only toured through several times, but as a pro-music photographer, Greg has allowed me to do a photo shoot with one of the top leather designers in the USA, West Coast Leather … OK, so a hot model, sexy leather and guitars in a photo shoot, yeah I don’t need to say much more.

But on that note, there is something to be said when there’s literally an A list of musical clients that run into the 1,000’s … With names such as: Carlos Santana, Merle Haggard, Joe Bonamassa, Eddie Van Halen, BB King, Billy Gibbons, Randy Travis, Frank Hannon, Lzzy Hale, Buck Cherry, Jimmy Page, Doobie Bro’s, Megadeth, Garth Brooks Steve Vai, Edgar Winter, Montrose, Creedence, Pat Travers, Robin Ford, Greateful Dead, Steve Miller and the Alice Cooper band … just to name a very small select few out of pages and pages of big name clients.

What’s extra cool about Bizarre Guitar, is the fact that you just never know who will be in the store buying, trying and or just visiting Greg himself. This is a super store where dreams are made, stories have been told and history has been created. There’s simply no other custom musical instrument store like this, and there’s no other way to experience it than to visit it. Chances are you’ll come away with something in your hand … or at the very least a great story to remember.

So the next time you’re in Reno, visit Greg Golden’s Bizarre Guitar, say hi to the man himself and listen to a story. Check out and feel the culture and vibe, make a purchase that comes from history and American honor.

Authored by Frankie J … “Anyone got ear plugs?”