Metallica Worldwired Tour 2018


Metallica made an epic return to Madison on September 2, 2018 at the start of their North American tour. It has been 14 years since Metallica was in Madison, WI. selling out the Kohl Center. Old, and young were there to support the metal Gods that night, and Metallica did not disappoint their loyal followers.

An amazing 37 years for Metallica’s career, the show was heavy on classic Metallica songs, with a great mingling of their new material. When “Fuel” started playing that was when we got to see some pyrotechnics, with flames surrounding Lars’ drum kit, and the rest of the band on the outside edge of the stage. “Now That We’re Dead” had four columns on the stage, and each band member began to pound to the beat to make a drum circle with the song. “Moth Into Flame” brought out dozens of synchronized drones that circled the stage. All of the cubed screens moved, and had a different theme for every single song they played. They also had fireworks that came out from the stage as well. Visually they had so
much that went on, to make the show amazing. Kirk and Rob did a little solo of “Stupid Girl” and “(Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth”

James told backstories to certain songs, and jokes between their set to kid around about how long they had been doing this, and seeing their older fans/young fans, and appreciating all of them, and pointing out to one kid in the front row of the stage. Asked the kid how old he was, and the boy replied that he was 10, so James asked what his name was, the boy said Orion. James didn’t believe him, and repeated…your name is Orion, the boys parents nodded saying it’s true, the boy, then gave his whole name, Orion James,
again James was in disbelief, kidding, he said weird, but then he was serious saying what an honor it was for the boy to be named after him. James, then said to the crowd, “Anyone that doesn’t have a place that they fit into, for being weird, different, whatever, you will always have a place with us.” The crowd roared in applause, and screaming.

Metallica continued their almost 3 hour set, and when it came to the end of the show, they did an encore playing “Spit Out The Bone” “Nothing Else Matters” and “Enter Sandman.” Metallica proved that they will forever be the kings of heavy metal. If anyone can only see one band live in their lifetime, I would highly recommend it to be Metallica, they are amazing, and you won’t regret it.