Angra, live at Tsutaya O-East, Tokyo, Japan!!


Date: 8 November 2018

By: Aki

The Brazilian metal band Angra came to Japan once again again as part of their world tour to promote and showcase their new album ‚Äú√ėMNI‚ÄĚ.¬†¬† It was released in February of this year as their 9th studio album.¬† The stage show as incredible as well the sound and lighting.

It was an honor and amazing opportunity to photograph and quickly review their show.  Their last appearance Japan was in 2015 so this concert was highly anticipated.  The audience was hypnotized and brought the crowd to cheers after each song.  Overall, a very good experience that I highly recommend.


Newborn Me
Travelers of Time
Waiting Silence
Nothing to Say
Upper Levels
Running Alone
Drum Solo
Black Widow’s Web
Spread Your Fire
√ėMNI – Silence Inside
The Bottom of My Soul
Magic Mirror

Carry On / Nova Era
√ėMNI – Infinite Nothing