Masheen Messiah


Article/ Photos: Emili Muraki

Allow me to introduce the Tokyo-based prog-rock band Masheen Messiah. Influenced by It Bites, Genesis, Yes and U.K., they are right up your alley if you’re into stadium-class AOR bands like Yes, Journey and TOTO.

Formed in 2002 and phonetically named after the track “Machine Messiah” on the Yes album Drama the band soon realized they had a certain magic as they were performing and meshing at a very high level and being hailed as a quintessential live performance band. After going through a few drummers, in 2013 the band recruited Mark Murdock, formerly of the band Empire (featuring Yes founding guitarist Peter Banks), to finalize the Masheen’s current lineup and push the band to new Fusion heights with his mixing and arranging skills. In 2016 they released their long-awaited and highly esteemed debut album For the Light Unseen.

Their final live performance of 2018 was held the other day at the Showboat in Koenji Tokyo as the band takes a break pending the release of their sophomore album slated for release next June. The wait is hard to bear for their fans, who are particularly keen on Masheen’s live performances, knowing they may first hear the band’s new songs on TV

Why waste your life not knowing the music of Masheen Messiah? Their music is packed with real love and soul. You should fly to the world beyond just Japan!

1st album “For the Light Unseen” Trailer

“For the Light Unseen” Amazon



Oct 20th, 2018 Live @ Koenji Showboat Setlist

  1. Fanfare for the Eastern Feast
  2. Flying High (Learn to Be Afraid)
  3. A New Beginning
  4. New Day Messiah
  5. Peace (Is the Word)
  6. Machine Messiah (Yes cover)
  7. Learning to Fly
  8. The Dawn
  9. Awake: For You

10. I Will Hold On