Nothing More



Authored by: Al Brzostowski

Photo Credit: Tricia Starr, TStarr Photography

This was our first time experiencing the Sylvee in Madison WI, so we didn’t know what to expect. Walking into the venue was nothing short of amazing. A state of the art facility with impressive a sound dampening ceiling, which gave the hall a beautiful sound. Everything was new. Which was refreshing, to say the least. But all in all, MADTOWN and Wisconsin in general, is the epicenter OF METAL. So without further ado, let’s cut to the chase, shall we?!?

Flat out, you need to go see Nothing More live. To say the least, I think the band left the stage in ruins after leaving the Sylvee on December 2nd. They have one of the most high-energy, hard hitting live shows. Driving grooves such as “Do You Really Want It?” and “Let ‘em Burn” and emotionally charged songs as “Fade In/Fade Out” and “Just Say When”. This is a band that doesn’t believe in encores, Hawkins declares, because “they’re fake”.

Their riffs, their lyrics and their drum parts are almost tangible. There is so much to say about the stage presence. From Jonny Hawkins’ incredible, almost superhuman stage energy, to the seamless, almost fluid, musical abilities from Ben Anderson on drums, Daniel Oliver on bass, along with Mark Vollelunga on guitar.

Then the magic happened. This jagged-looking extension off the drums was conceptualized and constructed by Daniel out of salvaged motorcycle and car parts assimilated with a hodgepodge of levers, microphones and MIDI control panel. Dubbed ‘The Scorpion Tail’ by the band it weighs in at 400 pounds and boasts a height of 14 feet. The monstrous sound manipulator catapults into the air, with Jonny atop, when the band rolled into a Skrillex cover of “First of the Year”. Standing on the drums Jonny drove levers and switches to manipulate his vocals in real time as well as Mark’s guitar and Daniel’s bass effects. The crowd went absolutely crazy!

They give a part of themselves in every one of their songs. They have been classified as rock, alternative, and so many others. But, their true category is defined by the listener, and changes according to the listener’s tastes. Nothing More will brand the listener with their music.

And again, I will tell you, YES! You have to see Nothing More live.  It is a one of a kind performance.


Jonny Hawkins – Vocals

Daniel Oliver – Bass

Mark Vollelunga – Guitar

Ben Anderson – Drums


Do You really Want It

Let ’em Burn

Don’t Stop

First Punch

The Matthew Effect

Bass Solo

Fat Kid

Sex & Lies

Who We are

Alone; Together

Go To War

Just Say When

Say it to me Now

Here’s to the Heartache


Fade In Fade Out



Skrillex “First of the Year”