Wild Music Video Review By Tonic Zephyr


Indie rock group Tonic Zephyr is back stronger than ever with their new music video for the mid-tempo song “Wild.”

Author: Al Brzostowski

Indie rock sensation Tonic Zephyr released their ‚ÄúWild‚ÄĚ music video on Sunday, December 9th. The four minute and twenty-eight second video showcases the bands overall creativity.  Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Madi Gold has brought both 60‚Äôs and 70‚Äôs rock, and hints of 90‚Äôs alternative. The music video ‚ÄúWild‚ÄĚ features the band in a few locations, with some almost eerie ‚ÄėBlair Witch‚ÄĚ scenes throughout. JT Loux lends raw talent during the song, with leads showing up exactly when needed. Reilly Olsen and Rico Ucles fill in everything beautifully.

The music video starts off with a forest view and erratic full-view of the band walking through the woods. Throughout the video, the band is in stationary scenes, as if they were posing for photography.There is little action in the scenes, giving the music video an air of mystery.

This video transports you to a mix of generations, both new and old. It was in a sense, a home video quality, which lends to the look and feel of the spirits of classic rock. Go check it out, you’ll love it.