Blackberry Smoke – Belfast Telegraph Building – 6th November 2018


By Ange Cobham

This is Blackberry Smoke’s first show in Belfast, this demand being feverish from local fans to finally welcome the Georgia lads to Belfast, as they promote this years’ hit album ‘ Find A Light’  Expectations, therefore, are rather high for this gig.

From the moment Charlie Starr and the band emerge, they have the crowd eating out of their hands. Launching straight into the kicking ‘Fire In The Hole’, the band already, and as always, are looking like they are having the time of their lives. They rocked the stage smashing out further hits ‘Nobody Gives a Damn’, ‘Good One Comin On’, ‘Rock And Roll Again’ and ‘One Horse Town’ one after the other. They continued to entertain the crowd with many more songs which the fans sang along to, including a fantastic rendition of ‘Come Together’ and they even paused for quick ‘Happy Birthday’ sing along for Brandan.

The boys sounded phenomenal, as a huge fan of theirs, they always do. Charlie Starr adding his swagger and soul to every single song is a fantastic frontman. Paul Jackson on guitar, always smiling and smashing out the riffs sounding awesome as ever. Then Richard Turner on bass, occasionally appearing up front then standing back in the shadows… well, he’s just so damn cool! Brother Brit Turner on drums flawless as ever and the flourish of Brandon’s keyboard antics just all pull together so perfectly. Charlie took time to thank the crowd for welcoming them to their city for the first time which received a fantastic response. Something tells me they will be back….

  1. Fire in the Hole
  2. Nobody Gives a Damn
  3. Good One Comin’ On
  4. Waiting for the Thunder
  5. Pretty Little Lie
  6. Rock and Roll Again
  7. Happy Birthday to You
  8. Lucky Seven
  9. Medicate My Mind
  10. Sleeping Dogs / Come Together / Sleeping Dogs
  11. Shakin’ Hands With the Holy Ghost
  12. Lesson in a Bottle
  13. Payback’s a Bitch
  14. Up in Smoke
  15. Run Away From It All
  16. Ain’t Got the Blues
  17. Flesh and Bone
  18. One Horse Town
  19. Shake Your Magnolia
  20. Encore:
  21. Free on the Wing
  22. Ain’t Much Left of Me