Sevendust Headlines SOLD OUT Show, HOB, Chicago


Author: Sheryl Russell Clark

Sevendust is currently headling lining their tour with Tremonti, Cain Hill, Lullwater, and Kirra which played to a packed House of Blues in Chicago Tuesday evening.

Sevendust, headed by Lajon Witherspoon reminiced that Sevendust has not played at the House of Blues, Chicago in nearly fifteen years. Witherspoon and band mates Clint Lowery (guitar, vocals); Morgan Rose (drums, vocals); John Connolly (guitar, vocals), and Vince Hornsby (bass) were glad to be to back.

They started off with their hit “Dirty” and had the floor moving by “Denial” and “Pieces”.  All members of Sevendust play well to the audience expecting them to join in the rouciousness of the music and feeling of the night.

Tremonti was another audience favorite punching out nine of their bass thumping songs. Fans could be heard shouting as Mark Tremonti walked on stage “There he is!!” as him being the man of the hour.  Their set started of with the heavy “Cauterize”. They slowed things down a bit in their set with their song “The First The Last” from their album A Dying Machine.

Cane Hill, the nights middle band in the five band line up was truly “CRAZY GOOD” metal band from New Orleans. Their set was short, but fired up the audience for Tremonti and Sevendust.

As Lullwater took the stage a member of the audience shouted “I got off work early for this shxxt” which was actually a compliment to Lullwater. They cranked out several of their songs from their 2019 release Vodoo. Lullwater being from Georgia wasn’t quite used to Chicago’s bittercold weather, but made sure to thank the audience for supporting live music. They left the stage to a rousing sound of applause. I expect that Lullwater will be back around considering the audience’s appreciation of their performance.

Beginning the night, Oklahoma City based Kirra warmed up the crowd with their newest single “16 Sons”. Lead vocalist, Gabriel Parson, let the audience know that Kirra’s music can be found on multiple social media platforms and jokingly, they may even be found on Tinder.