Queensryche / Ace of Spades March 30th, 2019


Authored By Frankie James

The line? About four to six people thick and up and around the block 800 feet or longer.  Yeah, it sold out tonight and although I’ve witnessed the QueensRyche phenomena several times before … nly mysecong time to cover them in a featured article. So in my humble opinion, it’s different seeing a band you love than being there to review them.  My senses change and come alive because now I’m writing about one of my favorite bands growing up.  Here’s my experience:

I saw them three times before Todd, and now for the third time tonight with Todd since he was revealed to the public on April 28, 2014 when QueensrĂżche officially announced La Torre as the new lead singer of QueensrĂżche.  Needless to say I was just as excited now, as I was all 5 times before.

The stage was set up meticulously with some of thought into minimalism which made a little more room to roam for a smaller stage.  As the anticipated performance started, patterns of their logo and scenes of Gothic images displayed on the four LED screen panels flanked on each side of drum riser and two mre off to the sides. Opening up with “Blood of the Levant ” from their latest album The Verdict, the band displays familiarity reminiscent and typical of QueensRyche fashion, a pleasant tone for my ears.  La Torre’s soaring vocal range always seems to be a perfect fit and I was then jacked for the rest.  Continuing with songs off their Empire album (what their mostly known for) brought the audience from a somewhat head thumping crowd, to the screaming loyalist they’re used to being.  Ending it all with an encore “Empire” which was without a doubt one of my favs from back then, simply sealed the deal and will always have me coming back for more!!

Wilton, Rockenfield (Wasn’t on this tour), Jackson and now Parker, the main core maintained true to what they’ve always been.  All in all at the end of the day the show was nothing short of amazing and La Torre still ends up being a sweet asset to QueensRyche, and probably for a long time to come!



  • Blood of the Levant      
  • I Am I
  • NM 156
  • Man the Machine
  • Walk in the Shadows
  • Condition HĂĽman
  • Queen of the Reich
  • Silent Lucidity
  • Open Road
  • Propaganda Fashion
  • Screaming in Digital
  • Take Hold of the Flame
  • Eyes of a Stranger
  • Encore:
  • Light-years
  • Jet City Woman
  • Empire