From Ashes to New and Ice Nine Kills


Authored by: Sheryl Russell Clark

Co-Headliners, From Ashes to New and Ice Nine Kills, The City Center, Champaign, IL

Winding up their March into Madness Tour, co-headliners From Ashes to New (FATN) and Ice Nine Kills (INK) along with support bands Palisades, Afterlife, and Hawk performed at Champaign’s The City Center.

Great weather, a rarity lately for central Illinois, brought a great crowd out on a beautiful Saturday evening with rockers in a line around the block waiting to see horror flick inspired Ice Nine Kills and rap-rockers, From Ashes to New. Both have currently charting singles on Sirius XM’s Octane Channel with “A Grave Mistake” and “My Name,” respectively.

New Jersey natives and Rise Records band, Palisades had quite a few fans attending their show. Some fans were coming as far away as Cincinnati, Ohio to see them perform. Another fan who had a tough day was happy to sing along to her favorite Palisades songs to leave her day behind.

Having just released their new album Erase the Pain in late December 2018, Palisades had a new set of songs to show off, but also including some of their older catalog including “War,” “Erase the Pain,” and “Vendetta.” I got to briefly speak with front-man, Louis Miceli who was very down to earth, gracious, and thanked us for being at the show.

Co-headliner, From Ashes to New brought an energetic stage show having tightened up their set from the last time I saw them performing at High Noon Saloon in Madison, Wisconsin in early fall 2018. They have quickly stepped up their game and staging to match their rise in popularity and the charts. Some of the difference could be in venue size, but their lights and just overall feel of their show seems on point. Vocals from Danny Case were solid and entirely on point. His strong vocals will help propel them to greater heights in the future. As well, as Matt Brandyberry’s rapping didn’t miss a beat. This foursome has their act together, including Lance Dowdle (guitar), and Mat Madiro (drums). All of the members of the band heavily interacted with their audience, not just a few nods and glances, but full on recognizing fans from previous shows or meet and greets. Some of their interaction was just awesome fun. Dowdle really goes into the mix by crowding surfing. He did make sure his trust fall was solid. Both Matt B. and Danny case continually encourage the audience not to let anyone take away their dreams and tell them no including, of course, their current song “My Name” lyrically mirroring that “Yeah, I’ll never stop until the world knows my name.” Midway through their set they brought on a fan who was handicapped and let him rock with them on stage. That was a fantastic moment only further endearing FATN to their fans.

Finishing the night up, theatricore Ice Nine Kills brought out the horror to Champaign. Ice Nine Kills has based their current studio album The Silver Scream from various well-known horror flicks including A Nightmare on Elm Street and IT. Using those movies, they bring their stage show full of props influenced by the films represented in their songs. From Freddie Krueger leather metal claw to the ominous red balloon on stage from the movie, IT and even blood and gore chainsaw theatrics.  Hawks and Afterlife supported this show rounding out a five-band show.

From Ashes to New (new lineup)

Matt Brandyberry – rap vocals

Danny Case – singing vocals

Lance Dowdle – guitar

Mat Madiro – drums

Ice Nine Kills

Spencer – Vocals, Screams

JD – Guitar, Screams

Conor – Drums

Justin – Bass


Vocals: Louis Miceli

Guitar: Matt Marshall

Guitar: Xavier Adames

Bass/Vocals: Brandon Elgar

Drums: Aaron Rosa


Tyler Levenson: Vocals

Andrew McGuire: Guitar

Luke Walkinshaw: Drums

Tristan Edwards: Bass