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Burden of the Sky Release New Album


Written by Sheryl Clark

The energy was high on Friday, April 19 at Burden of the Sky’s (BOTS) Pre-Release Album Party at Six Strings, Bloomington, Illinois releasing their second studio album Sine Timore (Without Fear) to a venue full of hometown fans. The worldwide release of the album was April 26, 2019, on all streaming services.

This record has been in the making for over two and a half years, so the band was more than ready to unleash out into the world. BOTS previously released two tracks and subsequent videos, “Sirens” and “The Puppeteer” from this album which gave BOTS fans something to tide them until the full album could be released. Sine Timore contains ten tracks

The second track of the album “Catalyst” was also released this Friday.

Scottie James, front-man for BOTS credits Colt Capperrune (Nashville) with tracking the album and Eric Kalina (California) who mixed, produced, and mastered Sine Timore.

You can stream Sine Timore here:


You can read more about Burden of the Sky at http://burdenofthesky.com.

Burden of the Sky

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