Stitched Up Heart and Kaleido, The Forge, Joliet, IL


Written by Sheryl Clark

Monday nights are tough in Illinois, especially since our weather has been erratic at best. But Stitched Up Heart and Kaleido fans with a great show at The Forge in Joliet, Illinois.

Mixi, Stitched Up Hearts lead vocalist, lamented that it had been two years since Stitched Up Heart played in Joliet. Both Mixi and Christian Chriss have larger than life stage presences which lends itself to having Stitched Up Heart and Kaleido touring together.

Christina describes to the audience about her experience writing “Eating Me Alive” by asking the audience if they have had a terrible day in which nothing was going well and got lost inside their heads. She mentioned that sometimes we could be our own worst enemy, but reaching out to friends and family can help us get out of that cycle. In this current climate of mental health awareness, hearing that other people, even those who we put on a pedestal, have hard days goes a long way in helping the audience and performers connect. On that day, Christina’s thoughts and feelings were “eating her alive.” Stitched Up Heart banged out eleven songs, including their encore “Crooked Halo” and my personal favorite “Finally Free.” While Kaleido cranked out seven songs on their catalog including their most recent hit “My Enemy.”