Shinedown Gives Madison Once In a Lifetime Performance


Written by Sheryl Clark

In January, Shinedown announced a special set of tour dates that would be different than their arena and festival shows. Select cities would see an “Intimate Evening With Shinedown” consisting of a mix of acoustic songs as well as their other hard rock tunes from their nearly 20-year catalog. Each city would be different, each setlist would be different, and fans wouldn’t know until the show what they were getting. Some shows they played an entire album, other shows were a mix of charted songs as well as song rarely played.

Madison sold out audience members didn’t know they were getting treated to a show of a lifetime. Anticipation built as Shinedown was about to take the stage, being a little late (which is not a habit of their’s) only created the anticipation more. The stage was set up with a small version of their regular arena show with the addition of some bar stools potentially for some acoustic songs. There were rumblings

As Brent Smith, Zach Myers, and Barry Kerch took the stage fans knew that one of the four-member band was missing, Eric Bass. Smith immediately spoke to the audience explaining to them that Bass had been preparing to take the stage, but due to having six herniated discs, he was not able to even move. Bass, his doctors, and band/crew had tried everything conceivable to Bass be physically able to perform that evening. Anyone who understands this band knows that Bass is an integral part of who they are and without him, it’s just not the same. Bass is Shinedown’s bass player, who also plays keyboard on many of their hit songs.

Shinedown faced with a decision. Do they cancel the SOLD OUT show, which to this band is not an option or give the audience a show they would never forget?  This was no small decision they were making, but they wanted to give their fans the best considering the situation.

It was on with the show, a show that lasted over three hours; the longest set Shinedown has ever done. Now to be clear, there were no drums and no bass. Barry Kerch supported his bandmates by sitting on stage and helping them through this unique show.

The guys dressed in suit jackets and dress pants began with a “Sitting On The Dock of The Bay” cover by Otis Redding. Smith has often lamented how much Redding has had on his career.

Kerch added laughs, quips, and conversation as the night continued. Dressed in what Zach Myer’s joked was a pimp suit while drinking beer from a skull mug. Kerch was often the character in the corner adding an occasional tambourine or shaker to the tunes.

Myers was impressed with Madison’s audience being on key during songs in which audience participation was not only encouraged but helped make this an incredibly unique show. Smith often

This night was similar to a Smith & Myer’s show in which Brent Smith and Zach Myers play songs from Shinedown as well as covers they have recorded, adding in all the fan favorites of “I’ll Follow You”, “Save Me”, “I Dare You” (a rarity to be heard live), and “State of My Head”. Fans were treated to a mini pyro show that is part of their larger stage show during “Cut The Cord.”

The mood had begun to lighten up once the show got started allowing Smith to joke about Myer’s “rose gold Jordan’s (Nikes)” and giving the audience some laughter during banter between Smith, Myers, and Kerch. They began to relax as fans sang along to Metallica cover song “Nothing Else Matters.”

Smith spoke of their album Sound of Madness coming close to triple platinum and who they are much appreciative to their one and only boss…the fans.

Myers played the piano and sang a melody of his favorite songs including “Little Red Corvette.” (Prince), “Break Down”(Tom Petty), and “Take Easy” (Eagles), “Forever and Ever” (Randy Travis). Madison was on par to be the best show of this run due to the length of stage time and songs that were previously rarely played by Shinedown.

The night was filled with many other great Shinedown tunes as well as covers including “Get UP,” “DEVIL,” “H.ow Did You Love,” “She Talks To Angels”(Black Crows) , “Someone Like You” (Adele);  Myer’s favorite Shinedown song “Shed Some Light.”.

Fans were also treated to Myer’s breaking out into 90’s boy band songs from Boys II Men, Backstreet Boys, and WHAM, Myer’s commenting “the audience had the boy band stuff good.”

, Myers convinced Smith to perform “What A Shame.” What fans weren’t expecting was Smith’s emotions spilling out during this song. There is a reason why it is rarely performed. Kerch explained to the fans noting it’s a difficult subject during a difficult time in Smith’s life. The emotion expressed by Smith only endured his fans to him. It was a moment in which the audience felt Smith’s emotions and understood when he was unable to finish the song. Sometimes Smith puts on such a brave face; it was nice to see a bit more emotion from him.

No one can deny this performance was like any other that Shinedown had given their fans. It was a gift. While fans were disappointed that Bass was injured an unable to be a part of the show, they also couldn’t be happier with how well Brent, Zach, and Barry handled a difficult situation.

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