Bush at Champions Square New Orleans, LA


Authored by: Amy Breaux

Few bands have seen the immediate success that 90s alternative heroes Bush saw back in 1994 with the release of their album Sixteen Stone. That success followed them throughout the nineties. Although they broke up in 2002, Gavin Rosdale, Nic Hughes, Chris Traynor, and Corey Britz reformed in 2010, releasing 3 more albums before deciding to join up with Live on the Altimate Tour celebrating 25 years of success for their debut album.

Truthfully, I didn’t know what to expect from Bush. They weren’t really on my radar back in the nineties (I was too cool and underground for that). They have got to be one of the most pleasant surprises I’ve gotten in a long time.

Starting the set with their hit “Machinehead”, the boys from Britain had an energy that was contagious. Gavin Rosdale ran around the stage with intensity and purpose and that purpose seemed to be making sure everyone felt a part of the experience. And it was quite the experience. Rossdale’s voice held an earnestness that had the audience trying to match his ferocity. Rossdale ran jumped the rail into the crowd, letting them sing with him. Running through the crowd, the control and power he possessed was amazing.

After playing the new song “Bullet Holes” from John Wick Chapter 3, they closed the night with two of Sixteen Stone’s biggest hits. “Glycerine” really highlighted Rossdale’s incredible vocals and “Comedown” did in fact bring the house down. Rossdale turned the mic back to the crowd to let them sing along with him.

Bush will be continuing the Altimate Tour with Live and opener Our Lady Peace throughout the rest of the summer ending in Rochester, MI September 8. If they happen to be in your area, go check them out. If you aren’t already a fan, maybe you can be a convert too.