Dope … To a sell out crowd at the House of Blues, Las Vegas.


Authored by Frankie James

Anyone got ear plugs?

With Dope surviving the music scene for decades, they still seem to remain relevant in today’s world of rock music.  Their latest tour with Static-X, one of their obvious staples to support on the road was no exception of how their loyal fans come out in droves to witness yet another round of in your face madness!

The high flying, super charged energy Dope throws off the stage simply gives their fans exactly what they want, and that is their money’s worth.  Dope’s electrifying set never seems to disappoint.  The set started off with “Blood Money” which definitely drew the crowd closer to the barriers separating the fans from the stage.  You can sense the fact that a mosh circle was about to take place, and by the time the next song “6 6 Sick” came into play it started and heavy body slams and crowd surfing to the front became normal in what any fan would expect from a Dope concert. Two of the opening bands over played with their allotted set time which resulted in Dope’s set getting cut one song short.  However not before “Bring it On’ and  “Die Mother Fucker Die” was performed.

I did see the full set list and as far as I was concerned, once Dope  got through most of it with “I’m Back”, “Sick”,  and “Burn” … I’m sure I was speaking for everyone of the HOB venue that the track “Addiction” needed to be their honcore song, but for some reason, abiet seeing on their set list, it wasn’t performed.  For me?  That was a bummer simply because it’s one of those tracks that I felt truly defined Dope as a band and kinda / sorta blew everyone away with the appearance of Zakk Wilde on the video = Mind Blowing with stunning visuals in female form, if ya know what I mean!!

But hey, it is what it is and their part of the concert was still incredible and at the end of the day, and regardless of the absence of Addiction, There weren’t any real disappointments from the fans.

Dope is:

Edsel Dope Virus Acey Slade Daniel Fox