Gray Hoey Celebrity Ballroom Nugget Casino, Sparks, NV


Authored By Frankie James

Nothing says rockin’ blues more than Gary Hoey.  This amazing artist just has a way of wowing his fans and the ticket buying crowd.  The experience is completely interactive and you almost feel like you’re induced into his world of bad-assness!! Gary draws you in, to the point where it’s hypnotic … His musical style and stage presentation forces you to pay attention, because at any given moment, during any part of the set … something very cool can happen. 

I wish I would have had the setlist, but I was too entertained with photographing to even think about what was going to be played next.  All I can remember are some of his originals from Neon Highway Blues tearing up the entire stage along with seamless covers that seemed to flow right into the next track on his set.

So, to be honest with you, it really doesn’t matter what song is next because all of his tracks are crowd pleasers … Gary definitely played the favorites of everything this awesome artist has done and the fans loved every single bit of it.  This is one concert where you came to see the artist Gary Hoey … You didn’t go see this concert event because of a certain song because in all fairness there is nothing bad this incredible musician does!! And yeah that deserved a double exclamation point!!

Anyway, how do you make this concert even better than it already was? Well that is when right at the last minute, day of the show, to decide that Reno’s own superstars The Greg Golden Band will open the concert in support of Gary Hoey’s tour!!  So all of a sudden this concert went from zero to sixty in three seconds flat! But just when you thought it couldn’t get any better … It did, a most memorable tribute to Susan Cramer, when her husband secretly practiced a song for weeks, got on the drum kit behind Gary Hoey, and Greg Golden as guest on stage, all performing “For the Love of Susie” … Possibly the coolest thing I’ve ever seen at a live concert!!

Touched the souls of the entire audience and if anyone ever dreamed about having rock stars perform a special live song for you, if you witnessed it live, you felt the chills!!  All in all such an eventful evening.  Perfect in every sense, from rock to blues to serenading, some Hendrix, guest appearances and a few special surprises.

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