Interview with Chris Jericho


By Amy Breaux

So an opportunity to interview Chris Jericho over the phone for Sony and Culture Rock Media came across my desk, naturally I decided to take it and run with it. With Chris Jericho on the rise musically, and the superstar he already is in his other circles, I was excited to see what would transpire with my Q&A.  It’s Wed, Aug 29th and the phone rang at 2:30pm sharp … and so begins my interview, and after all the questions and answers, here’s how it was all summed up. I’m skipping the usual Q&A bullet point and flowing this into an article to ease the pain 🙂 

            Chris Jericho is quite the renaissance man. He’s proven his athletic ability with his wrestling with WWE and All Elite Wrestling. And now he is known as the enigmatic front man for metal outfit Fozzy. With limited phone time there’s a few things I wanted to touch on, but started Chris about the origins of Fozzy, the new single and album, and followed it up with cruising the Caribbean, wrestling and rock stars.

For those who don’t know how Fozzy got started, Jericho informed me that they were just a group of friends who enjoyed jamming together. It was guys from WWE and Stuck Mojo guitarist Rich Ward and anyone else who wanted to join in.  Amazingly the guys only played two gigs before being signed to Megaforce Records. Jericho acknowledged how his name helped in that department. So take note, kids: If you want to get signed to a record deal, maybe try your hand at professional wrestling first.

After the success of 2017’s “Judas”, the boys wanted to take their time on the next album and really get it right. Jericho admits to their record label giving them a time frame with which to have the next album done, he insists that they are in no hurry to release just anything and was quick to say that he trusts his record label in the direction Fozzy is taking . He was able to appease the powers that be by releasing their newest single, “Nowhere to Run” on his radio show on Sirius Radio’s Faction channel on August 23. He laughed about being able to exercise a little nepotism by releasing it on his show. Jericho is very happy that people are liking it and the song is getting a lot of momentum.

Chris Jericho has been wrestling since he was thirteen years old. His love for music dates back even further. So it was a natural choice to combine the two things together for an all-inclusive week of sun, fun, music, and of course, wrestling. The Rock n Wrestling Rager Cruise is preparing to depart for it’s second voyage. After the success of the first cruise, which was sold out by the way, it only made sense to do it again. And according to Jericho, even though there is about 4 months before departure, the second Rock-n-Wrestling Rager Cruise is close to be sold out as well. He hopes that the patrons of the cruise can enjoy all of the things he enjoys and as he put it, “really see what Chris Jericho is all about”.  The man knows his fan base and knows if he likes it, the fans will too.

On top of the new single and the album and cruise preparations and wrestling, there is also the Fozzy tour. Known for their interactive performances, Jericho acknowledges his love of feeding off his fan’s energy and giving back everything they give him. Fozzy will kick off their “Unleashed in the West” tour September 5 in Denver and finish up in Atlanta September 28. Along the way they will have the opportunity to open for rock icons Iron Maiden in L.A. If you are able to catch one of their shows, check them out.