FOZZY / Ace Of Spades


Authored by Frankie James

Well, from wrestling to rocker, Chris Jericho has done it all. Perhaps one of the most anticipated tours of the year and with the new video release of Nowhere To Run, this show was sure to excite the rock & roll blood flowing through your veins. Starting the concert off with one of their top songs “Judas” definitely got the crowd off singing along with head bangs and fist pumps. There’s one thing Jericho knows how to do, and that is to get his fans to interact. What blows me away is the entire bands amazingly, hyper-active stage show!! Collectively, FOZZY, the two guitarists “Rich Ward and Billy Grey” trading off leads and rhythms are both thoroughly entertaining with moves made for a kick ass performance. Bassist “Paul Di Leo and Frank Fontsere”drummer, holds it all together with intense bass lines and thundering drums proving that every musician has their place on the band.

With their set tearing into Drinking With Jesus and following that up with other hits such as Burn Me Out and Nowhere To Run simply solidified FOZZY as a main staple on the Rock Circuit. The sound coming off of the stage was incredibly tight and clean! There’s nothing worse than hearing a band performing their hits with sound that doesn’t make sense. It seemed everything FOZZY did was intent, choreographed, thought out and designed with one thing in mind … and that was to give their fans a concert the can go home and tell friends about!

Finalizing the set was also planned out well. Who woulda thunk FOZZY would cover the ABBA song SOS? It’s ballsy for one, but it was done right and rocked the crowd and finally ending it all with Lights Go Out!! The concert went by so fast, and it was so good that I really wanted more. So if I couldn’t get more live, the next solution was to create the playlist for my laptop and phone. Now I feel complete. So to recap … in the beginning there was FOZZY OSBORNE doing all covers back in the day, to just FOZZY in the present day with rock originals that have hooks to draw you in and keep you satisfied. All in all, I’ll definitely be there next time again, and again!! So my suggestion is to grab a ticket if this tour stops at a venue near you!!

Anyone Got Earplugs?


Chris Jericho – Vocals,

Rich Ward – Guitar/Vocals,

Frank Fontsere – Drums,

Billy Grey – Guitar,

Paul Di Leo – Bass