Amon Amarth at The Fillmore New Orleans


Authored by Amy Breaux:

Swedish Melodic Viking Death Metal. Those are words I never thought I’d string together, but last Friday I was introduced to the maestros of the genre: Amon Amarth. Frontman Johan Hegg, guitarists Olavi Mikkonen and Johan Soderberg, bassist Ted Lundstrom, and drummer Jocke Wallgren have been setting Viking mythology to music since 1992.

Iron Maiden’s classic “Run to the Hills” blasted through the Fillmore as the boys from Tumba, Sweden took to the stage. Hegg emerged sporting embossed leather cuffs and a horn hanging from his side and broke into the “Raven’s Flight” from the band’s current album Beserker. Playing a mix of current and well-known hits, the crowd, some of whom were dressed as Vikings, sang and drank along to every note with Hegg taking swigs from his horn.

Although the music was entertaining enough, the stage show was equally impressive. A large Viking head sat in the middle of the stage, its eyes being LED screens so the visual changed often. The stage was multi-tiered, so the guys were all over the place. I haven’t been to a show with such a brutal pit in a long time. Took me back to the Pantera days of the 90s. If that weren’t enough, the crowd was also treated to a battle between Vikings and Hegg defeating a sea serpent.

If there is a word to describe an Amon Amarth show it would be berserk. The songs, the stage show, the lights, and the crowd made for a crazy fun night that would make any Viking proud. Raise your horns!

Set List:

1.       Raven’s Flight

2.       Runes to My Memory

3.       Deceiver of the Gods

4.       First Kill

5.       Fafner’s Gold

6.       Crack the Sky

7.       The Way of Vikings

8.       Shield Wal

9.       Guardians of Asgaard

10.   Raise Your Horns

11.   The Pursuit of Vikings

12.   Twilight of the Thunder God

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