Arch Enemy Annihilates The Warfield, San Francisco!


Authored by Frankie James:

So earlier in the year, I received an email that lets me know Alissa White-Gluz will bring Arch Enemy to NorCal as part of their tour circuit in support of Amon Amarth, and I couldn’t be happier.  As for me, and to begin with, I’ve been a huge fan of Jeff Loomis way back when he was with Nevermore. Even better yet was Loomis joining the Arch Enemy forces as lead guitarist … Michael Amott being the other lead. Then of course you have the incredible vocal ranges of Alissa White-Gulz, perhaps the strongest vocalist of that genre, also known for her stunning prowess in apparel to stage presence authority.

With a capacity crowd and serious fans crowded to the front of the stage, the music track of Set Flame To The Night was played to darkness with lights beaming just on the drummer Daniel Erlandsson with him standing up, arms raised with horns and the track quickly slammed into The World is Yours the moment Amott came on stage crunching riffs on his guitar! The rest of the band Allisa, Loomis, D’Angelo joined the stage and so it began … The onslaught of what Arch Enemy is known for.

The set rocked into familiar tracks War Eternal and My Apocalypse which seriously brought the fans to a frenzy.  Fist pumps and head bangs dominate the atmosphere evident to their loyalty. It’s awesome to see fans react strongly to whom they worship. As the set continued with Eagles Fly Alone and ending it with one of their top tracks Nemesis to simply satisfied the metal pallet and added closure to what one would come to understand from Arch Enemy. 

Truly a concert not to be missed, they never disappoint … If you are a true fan, you will be there to see the live show, if you aren’t, you’ll end up being one after!!  Rock On My Friends, get yourself out there and check em out!!

Arch Enemy is:

Alissa White-Gluz – Vocals

Michael Amott – Lead Guitar

Jeff Loomis – Lead Guitar

Sharlee D’Angelo – Bass

Daniel Erlandsson – Drums