Kobra and the Lotus at The District in Lafayette


Authored by: Amy Breaux

Cajun country was brought to its knees last Friday when Canadian metal outfit Kobra and the Lotus brought their talent to The District in Lafayette. Brainchild of lead singer Kobra Paige, the band has been opening for Sebastian Bach during his Skid Row 30th anniversary show.

I had never heard of KATL before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but Kobra and the boys, including guitarists Jasio Kulakowski and Ronny Gutierrez, bassist Brad Kennedy and drummer Marcus Lee, proved to be powerhouses. Kobra’s vocals can only be described as powerful. She has that “it” factor that can’t be described but is infectious.

Her engagement with the crowd and with her band made for a lively start to the evening. And the crowd, most of whom were not familiar with the band, were fans by the time “GTFO of Here” started, with Paige jumping up and down and encouraging the audience to follow her lead, which they did. One of my favorite moments was when drummer Marcus Lee stood above his drum kit. Drummers don’t often get the notice they deserve so it was fun to see him standing up for his recognition. All in all the Canadian metal quintet provided the perfect energetic opening to a high energy night.

Kobra and the Lotus Set:

1.       Burn

2.       Velvet Roses

3.       Liar

4.       Circus

5.       Let Me Wuv Yew

6.       Thundersmith

7.       GTFO of Here

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