Sebastian Bach at The District in Lafayette


Authored by: Amy Breaux

Youth gone wild was in full force Friday night when Sebastian Bach rolled into Cajun Country to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Skid Row’s debut album at The District Friday night.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been thirty years since Sebastian Bach jumped onto our MTV screens with Skid Row’s debut single “Youth Gone Wild”. It’s the first song I remember hearing from Skid Row and I was one of those girls that rocked the Skid Row t-shirt (I could upload a picture for proof, but I’ll save that gem for another time). Safe to say I was in good company at The District because most everyone there had the same memory I did and everyone was excited to see the towering Sebastian Bach

The set started a little late. There was talk that Bach wasn’t feeling well and was just wanting to make sure he was able to perform. If that was the case, he made one hell of a recovery because from the minute he got onstage he attacked every song full force.  Jumping around the stage, even hanging from the scaffolding, Bach made every minute of his performance memorable. Starting with the songs “Tornado” and “Forever”, the band then launched into the rest of the songs from Skid Row. The night ended with an encore of hits from Slave to the Grind, including “Psycho Love”, “In a Darkened Room”, “Monkey Business”, and “Get the Fuck Out”.

Sebastian Bach Setlist:

1.       Tornado

2.       Forever

3.       Big Guns

4.       Sweet Little Sister

5.       Can’t Stand the Heartache

6.       Piece of Me

7.       18 and Life

8.       Rattlesnake Shake

9.       Youth Gone Wild

10.   Here I Am

11.   Makin’ a Mess

12.   I Remember You

13.   Midnight

14.   Psycho Love

15.   In a Darkened Room

16.   Monkey Business

17.   Get the Fuck Out

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