The Greg Golden Band Announces Ground-breaking CD Release and Concert


Well it’s almost years end, and 2019 will be wrapped up, but not before some amazing developments happened that I’m privileged to announce!! This of course are the productions and new musical creations that have been under wraps for quite sometime now. This news is the release of a new long awaited & celebrated CD titled “Story Teller” Volume 1. (The track listing is below)

When you have a gathering of a few genius minds, such as Greg Golden, Frank Hannon and Joe Retta, things can’t go wrong simply because true professionals understand the process of their own contributions … But it’s when you combine their talents, is when the end result becomes spectacular. This has been in the making for almost 6 months, and then seriously for another 6 months.

Greg Golden who has been extremely active as one of the top musicians in the United States North-West has always strived to maintain and bring quality rooted rock & roll to the masses, and continues to do so with this next installment of rock that brings home what the boomers look for in music that touches the soul. Not only kickass arrangement, hooks and chorus … But also with guitar riffs and unorthodox finesse that compliments each track in such a unique way, that it’s instantly recognisable. This type of identity is something most musicians struggle with to try and find as their own.

Bringing on Joe Retta as the new vocalist adds a new dynamic to the GGB and definitely enhances the true core values of the band and has proved to many industry professionals and fans alike that The Greg Golden Band has once again reinvented and brought back to life the missing pieces in what made the band incredible to begin with. Retta being a Veteran vocalist and coming from amazing roots such as the Trans-Siberian Orchestra is no stranger to writing lyrics and co-producing masterful arrangements … And when you hand all of this to Frank Hannon to put his spin on the final touches, you get the kind of branded subliminal message in your brain after hearing it a couple times. The kind that has you singing along when played live, and the kind that you can relate to in your own life.

Jeff Montgomery, electric & acoustic guitars, main back up vocalist is without a doubt one of the long time anchors of the band, while David Strelz, the bass-man is also well versed having played and toured with Greg Golden in the early years … which is another amazing story, perhaps for another article. Add Boris Tavcar, thunder drums to the mix and you have a back-bone that keeps it all together.

So prior to this new amazing news, The Greg Golden Band has headlined a few festivals and many concerts and opened for big names such as Jake E Lee Red Dragon Cartel, Puddle of Mud, Gary Hoey and Y&T to name a few. Behind the scenes are extremely influential people such as Rob Farrell and Susan Cramer, of whom together provide invaluable services that ends up creating and filling in that “Full Circle Void” that most well known acts still don’t possess. I can say these things because I’ve also had the pleasure working with everyone mentioned here, and I’ll leave this paragraph stating that I’m honored to have been able to lend my talents to this group of pros!! As small as my talents may be, I’ve gained valuable insight working with them!!

With this awesome news, The Greg Golden Band has booked their CD Release on Dec 27th at the Crystal Bay Casino Lake Tahoe, 14 State Route 28, Crystal Bay, Nevada 89402 … I’ll be there to cover this event, and I suggest anyone interested to get their tickets quick as I heard they are selling fast!!


CD: Story Teller

Produced by: Frank Hannon, Joe Retta & Greg Golden

Label: Red Hawk Records

Track Listing:

1) The Craziest Show On Earth

2) Don’t Give Up On Me

3) Story Teller

4) Hold On To Today

5) Strega

6) I wonder

7) Crescent Hill

Hannon Media Group

Red Hawk Records


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