PALAYE ROYALE Releases Album THE BASTARDS Out Now In Retail Via Sumerian Records

By Frankie James …
Video review by E.G. Oswald

PALAYE ROYALE‘sTHE BASTARDS” had an incredibly successful first week when it released back in May, hitting #1 on both the Alternative Albums and Rock Albums Charts, #4 on Independent albums and #12 on the Top 200 Alternative Chart. Since its release, THE BASTARDS has hit 43 million total streams with 1 million monthly listeners on Spotify. World wide, the band has a total of 170 million streams with all albums combined.

Musically, the album is an enormous step-up for the band. It is, in turn, dark, lush, angry, vulnerable, caustic and warm. From the grandiose Bond-theme-esque ‘Tonight Is The Night I Die, to the darkly jarring ‘Anxiety‘, from the quietly heartbreaking refrain of ‘Lonely’ and the massive fuzzed up, distorted guitars of Nightmares (Coming Down)‘, THE BASTARDS demonstrates just how far the band have expanded their writing and musical dexterity, rounding out their already accomplished arson with flourishes of electronics, metal beat-downs, drum n bass beats and haunting string arrangements. There are singles on the album, luminous highlights, but it’s also a piece of work that works beautifully when listened to as a whole.

Lyrically, the album addresses a number of important issues, prevalent to today’s youth – struggles with mental health, the gun violence epidemic, substance use as a means to escape a difficult reality and parental abandonment all play a part in the album’s rich lyrical tapestry. Speaking on the band’s refreshingly honest and open approach to writing on the new album, Remington adds

“We need a little honesty and a little truth. The world is getting so tainted by everyone trying to be so fucking perfect and so goddamn PG and trying to walk this line of not trying to offend anyone. People need to be themselves, just for 20 minutes at least.” In short, THE BASTARDS is an album that demands your attention.The world needs PALAYE ROYALE right now and PALAYE ROYALE have delivered in spades.

Check out their track Anxiety <— here off The Bastards album, or click below:

Review By E.G. Oswald

One only needs to revisit their first single/video, Morning Light, released in 2012, to grasp that fashion-art rock band, Palaye Royale (formally, Kropp Circle), is more than catchy, well-crafted, thought out tunes, no..this is a band dedicated to conveying their message through the marriage of melodic creations with strong imagery, color or lack of color in situational settings..they are amazingly entertaining!

The new release, Anxiety, on Sumerian records, climbs to new heights as the band continues to raise their own bar with a masterful snapshot into a subject to which we can all relate..personal struggle and self-worth. This is passionately rolled up in the unmistakable sound that is Palaye Royale. Just as one can sit and stare at a painting, no words or explanations needed, the depth of emotion can be felt with just music and no video or with video and the music turned down..the meaning is translated seamlessly from both and that, my friends, is true art.

Anxiety pulls you into the chaos of personal demons with heavy drop tuning and a pounding hypnotic chorus from guitarist Sebastian Danzig and drummer Emerson Barrett. Remington Leith’s vocals accompany that feeling of feel a stress, you feel his ‘Anxiety’. The video has a quasi post-apocalyptic theme with a great pyrotechnic arrangement that makes you feel like you’re watching a live show..bonus!!

Some bands just have a magical continuity that flows easily through the music. I believe a large portion of the magic that is Palaye Royale, comes from the band being brothers..Sebastian, the oldest, Remington in the middle and Emerson has the youngest of the three. Knowing each other all their lives certainly can have its advantages when writing music and performing live shows.

Palaye Royale has such a bright future. When you take in the high level of all they have accomplished and produced, making them very seasoned at an age when most bands are just getting started, you simply can’t help but believe they’ll be entertaining us for a very long time to come!


PALAYE ROYALE are leading a generation in togetherness through honesty, danger and infectious art-punk. Their album Boom Boom Room Side B was released in September 2018 via Sumerian records and saw an impressive first week on the Billboard charts, debuting at #17 on the Top Albums Chart, #3 Top Alternative and #6 Top Rock. The lead single from the album, ‘You’ll Be Fine’ hit #23 at rock radio and to date has had 10.5 million streams on Spotify.

?PALAYE ROYALE have gone from playing any show they could whilst sleeping in their car to playing mega-arena shows with names as iconic as Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie and Stone Sour, clocking up an incredible 700 shows in 4 years. That, plus appearances at festivals such as Reading and Leeds, Download, Sonic Temple, Isle of White, PinkPop and Nova Rock, has seen PALAYE ROYALE hone their live set into something visually and sonically stunning.

Palaye Royale are:

Remington Leith – Vocals

Sebastian Danzig – Guitar

Emerson Barrett – Drums