THE LA MAYBE Release Official Music Video for “Mr. Danger”


“The L.A. Maybe” … Wow, what a refreshing recharge of killer old fashioned ROCK!! I was sent an email to this new band by their publicist for “The L.A Maybe, and after listening while editing my workflow, I found myself rockin’ out and getting more creative! Crunchy guitar riffs, solid drum thumps, reminiscent ear piercing leads and bass lines popping to hold it all together … Yeah it gets the blood cookin’ and the heart pounding no doubt.

This first new video Mr. Danger sets the bar high and has you wanting more … Like lets get another vid out there! This track is guaranteed to gain access to my play list, I mean it’s exactly what I want to hear when I’m working! It simply motivates me …You can read the back story on their FB page cuz I’m not here for that! I’m here to tell you that this band is what America needs right now. With the lack of touring and live local shows, it’s the fresh new shit that we are all looking for. The L.A. Maybe Links are below.

I will say that Alvi Robinson, lead vocals did audition for AC/DC and came extremely close to landing the job, the rest and best is yet to come, hence The L.A. Maybe. I’m excited, as well looking forward to find out what will be coming next, and for sure will keep a close eye out. Having said, go check these guys out, give this track a good listen and show them some love.

The L.A. Maybe is a 6-piece rock n’ roll band hailing from the southern heat of the Carolinas. If you’re a fan of Guns N’ Roses, The Black Crowes, or Van Halen…you will feel right at home adding LAM to your record collection. Lead vocalist Alvi Robinson (who was one of only four singers to audition to replace Brian Johnson in AC/DC in 2016) lays down gritty, passionate vocals while the rest of the band back him up with slithering riffs, huge catchy hooks, and ripping guitar solos. LAM firmly plants its feet at the very forefront of the New Wave of Classic Rock movement and you’re sure to have at least one of their choruses stuck in your head at any given moment. Drawing influence from nearly every style of music, The L.A. Maybe put on an electrifying live show and stand for everything you love about rock music, old and new.

The L.A. Maybe is:

Alvi Robinson – vocals
Dallas Dwight – guitar
Darryl Silvera – guitar
Josh Thompson – keys
Rahsaan Lacey – bass
Ryan Fosnow – drums  

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