Austin Mo Release New Track “Take A Walk in My Shoes”


Photo & Authored By Frankie J

So, interesting & cool enough, I met Austin when he was, I believe 15 years old. Back then an emerging kid with the guitar swagger and statement that promises a future in music, and that became true several years later after digging and finding his musical roots in the trenches where this music industry will chew you up and spit you out. It’s not easy getting noticed these days … But Austin Mo has done exactly that! Catching the eye and ears of the incredible Frank Hannon, co founder and guitarist of Tesla, Austin ended up being the recipient of Hannon’s expertise as a recording engineer / producer and started laying down tracks with Austin. One of these tracks is this brand new masterpiece called “Take A Walk In My Shoes”, and this my friends, is being released today!! Video to come soon … You can listen to the live airing of it here!!

“Take A Walk In My Shoes”

Auston Mo reaches deep and soulful in his guitar riffs and leads. Often falling back to yester-years foundation of rock & blues, only with today’s technology and youthful attitude! It’s strong, heavy, powerful and conveys emotions and feelings that many artists struggle to find. Capturing the audience is pretty much what it’s all about, and Austin’s character, along with his seasoned, tight band delivers that stage show that gets his fans to come back again, and again. The show never disappoints!

Take A Walk In My Shoes follows the successful video release of “The River” which you can view below. The River brings you into that bluesy hypnic trance with solid vocals and catchy leads. Radio and live shows needs this type of musical creation that captures the soul and gut. it’s simply not just noise, it’s meaningful and leaves lasting impression! And, hats off to Frank Hannon for all he does for the music industries youth in helping emerging artists to realize their dreams.

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