FOZZY Rocks Goldfields In Roseville, CA.


By:¬† Monica Alexander ‚Äď re FOZZY @Goldfield Trading Post, Roseville – 5/07/2022

I had the great honor of filling in for Frankie James for this show, and contributing to Culture Rock Media with photos and feature review.  FOZZY’s first time performing in Roseville and my first FOZZY show!  My instructions were to get there early and get to the rail.  Let me tell you all, my early arrival did not avoid the long line down Vernon Street.  The Sac music scene was ready for FOZZY.  (and I still made it to the rail!)  

What a great show!  Bravo!  Epic night in Roseville!  All four bands were high energy and fast moving.  With no pit, the GA audience was right at the stage.  We could feel every bang of the drum and every riff throughout our souls.  The opening bands:  The Nocturnal Affair, KrashKarma, and GFM rocked it hard and got the crowd pumped.  We had hair flippin’ shredders, smokin’ solos, a hot rocker chick trio in cheerleader outfits, and the bangin’est duo around!

During the break, as lights were being tested, I felt the calm before the storm, and then saw smoke.

FOZZY took the stage.¬† It was nonstop action and excitement.¬† Starting with Rich Ward and Billy Grey‚Äôs masterful riffs, PJ Farley‚Äôs grooving bass, Frank Fontsere keeping everyone on time while smiling and twirling his drumstick ‚Äď to Chris Jericho‚Äôs beastly yet beautiful ownership of the stage.¬† The crowd went CRAZY!¬† Not only is Chris very energetic in his performance, he‚Äôs also quite sincere in connecting to and with the audience.

I witnessed the joy from the other side.¬† He nicknamed us ‚ÄėRose-amento‚Äô (merging Roseville and Sacramento) and the crowd chanted FOZZY several times throughout the evening.¬† Enraptured by the chanting, Chris said he could listen to it all night.¬† Absolutely off the hook.¬† Most of the crowd knew all the lyrics too.¬† High octane rock n roll baby!¬† Each band member blew me away with their talent, stage presence, movements, and audience connection.¬† Rich Ward even went in the crowd and let local music goer Danny Miller play his guitar!¬† Fantastic night indeed.

I highly recommend you see FOZZY live!  Check their calendar, get in on the Save the World tour!  Get your tickets and get ready!