As a huge fan of women fronted rock bands, it’s gotta be pretty kick ass for me to even consider it. There’s a few out there that are in my music staple, but discovering new talent is becoming far and few between as nothing being released really stands out and grabs my attention … Until just recently when I heard the incredible vocals of Elana Justin along with her band Motive Black.

It’s hard hitting, it’s catchy and let me tell you, I’m a fan and can’t wait to see this live. This is right up my alley and fits that genre of what I personally listen to! I love raw, raunchy guitar riffs and slammin’ leads along with vocals that tickle the membrane and are remember-able. This new track Fight Alone does exactly that!

“This song is about losing yourself in passion,” Elana Justin says. “Attraction is a powerful thing, it can be amazing, but also vicious. It can engulf you, and cloud your mind, but also awaken you in ways you never thought possible. Everything feels dangerous and so alive.” She adds: “This song was super intense to create. It’s dark, vivid, and emotional. I felt really raw and almost animalistic when I was writing it. When Ray came in and added drums it brought everything to a new level that I believe only he is capable of tapping into.”

Ray Luzier says “Elana’s a very powerful, emotional singer. Her aggressive yet dynamic lyrics are refreshing to hear. I think this record is gonna turn a lot of heads. We really need great, fresh-sounding, new music like Motive Black, now more than ever!!”

The track will be on the upcoming album titled Auburn. Justin says ” Auburn is named for my sister who unfortunately passed away. She had beautiful auburn hair. Losing her forced me to reexamine my life and make significant changes. I went through a huge transitional period  which included both ugly and beautiful experiences. The album is a wild ride through that journey of anger, mania, deep love, and self discovery.”

Fight Alone” was produced at the legendary NRG Studios in North Hollywood, Calif. by Grammy-winning Nick Rowe (Vampire Weekend, Lamb Of God, Madonna, Snoop Dogg) and mixed by Josh Wilbur (Lamb of God, Korn, Papa Roach). Motive Black will appeal to fans of Evanescence, Delain, Follow The Cypher, The Pretty Reckless, Halestorm, New Years Day, In This Moment, Shinedown.  Listen to Fight Alone Here:

Listen to Broken here:

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