What a year 2022 has been here at Sammy Radio / Red Rocker


What a year 2022 has been here at Sammy Radio / Red Rocker. It’s taken 6 months to implement the massive changes we’ve brought forth to the radio station! We’ve been alive and rockin’ since 2007 and we’re happy to say the music and the website is finally complete and fully functional … There’s still just a few fine tune adjustments to be done, so bear with us so we can create a better experience for our listeners!

The new, one of a kind, custom engineered and digitally processed state of the art On-Air System allows us to sound better than FM! And we are now competing with the big boys on the world stage. Our signal is stronger, the music is clearer, the sound is incredible and we’re bringing the Rock n Roll party to you. We now possess the capabilities to go live from anywhere in the world with interviews & music, whether in the studio or live in person remote, you’ll want to tune in to hear it all.

And to make things even more amazing, we struck a deal with ALEXA, which means we can also now be heard in over 280 million homes world-wide! Just say ‚ÄúAlexa, enable SammyRadio.com, and from then on it‚Äôll play anytime you say Alexa Play SammyRadio.com. So besides our world-wide signal, we‚Äôve expanded our horizon so no matter where you are, we got your ears covered. You can also download the free Sammy Radio APP on your iPhone or android and even Bluetooth it to your kick-ass car music system for Red Rockin‚Äė tunes to blast while you drive!. By clicking the direct link on the website you‚Äôll be sure to know you have the right APP for your phone‚Äôs Operating System. We‚Äôve made it easy for you!

Going forward, there’s big things in the works, so stay tuned and be the first to know about news on the horizon by subscribing to the www.SammyRadio.com website in regards to concert events, contests, where we’re at, swag, and the happenings!

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Thanks for being part of the Sammy Radio music experience!

Frankie J, VP of Media Relations,
and the entire Sammy Radio / Red Rocker staff!

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