The Metal Hall of Fame / What An Unforgettable Night


For their 6th annual installment, the Metal Hall Of Fame did not disappoint!  With inductees such as Twisted Sister, Lou Gramm, Raven, Chris Imellitteri, Doug Aldrich and more, this night of presentations and performances were sure to excite the metal of rock senses.

Heading it all, CEO and Founder Pat Gesualdo definitely knows how to stimulate the brain with the overall flow and look of this year’s event.  From the awesome location of the Canyon Club in Agoura Hills, to the red carpet and seating, the sold out event ensured an outstanding balance between an award ceremony, meet and greets and live performances including an all-star encore! Having these types of dynamics going on at the same time is extremely difficult to do, so hats off to you Mr. Gesualdo!

With Eddie Trunk as M.C. 
 I mean what’s a top tier event without him, seriously!  This guy is everywhere and there’s no one better to kick it all off and host either.  There isn’t much I can say here besides he is the MAN!

From what I recall, Twisted Sister’s performance was the first seen since 2015, and let me tell you, they delivered a kick-ass show, and a killer surprise with Mike Portnoy on drums,  but then again that didn’t surprise me because thats what it’s about with this event!!  Chris Impellitteri shreds his way into another universe with everyone’s jaws open in disbelief, if you’ve never seen this master live, you’ll need to check him out, like soon!  Raven!!  What can I say 
 And I don’t mean this in any disrespect, but these aging rock stars tore up the stage with a show you’d come to expect from youngsters!  The pure energy from these OG metal-heads was bar none!  They kept the show going strong with the fans wondering, DAMN, what in the hell can be next?

But for me, and don’t get me wrong cuz I grew up with this genre, but this new band I never heard of “Adam and the Metalhawks” , gave me chills!  I had a hard time shooting pics of these guys cuz my head was rocking out and I couldn’t sit still.  Then to close it all were the all too familiar names with Kieth St. John, Doud Aldrich, Rudy Sarzo, Shawn McNab etc, all of which don’t need an introduction! This all star lineup of world renown musicians performed hits from Dio, Black Sabbath, Montrose, Whitesnake and more, all bands of which they hailed from at one point in their careers!   I’m sure I probably missed a name or two as well so don’t be a hater on this one.

In the end, the success of the Metal Hall Of Fame is hugely due to Pat Gesualdo’s creative mind, and his thoughts in being in-kind to charities.  His vision to bring MHOF to the metal & rock music household is leaving a mark.  Every year this event has grown, this year 2023 was no exception, and this leaves us with next year’s Metal Hall Of Fame event which is sure to exceed all expectations!  

This sells out every year, so make sure you get your tickets for 2024, you won’t be disappointed! 

Authored by Frankie J 
 Anyone got earplugs?