SAN JOSE, CA | MARCH 10, 2023: Following the release of their singles “Believe” and “Chemical”, alternative pop band Goldview are exploring the intricacies of relationships in their latest EP release, Chapters of an Open Heart. The three track project bends the lines between pop and punk — diving into the emotions that develop throughout the course of a relationship. The band hopes that these transparent accounts of love and its struggles reach fans on a personal level. 

The band’s latest EP features contributions from producers Ace Enders from The Early November, Nik Bruzzese from Man Overboard, and Sam Pura (State Champs, The Story So Far). 

In describing the inspiration between Chapters of an Open Heart, lead vocalist Trevor Schmidt shares:

“These songs represent the different types of relationships that people could experience. They could range from toxic, healthy, to great. Relationships are complex and these songs explore that.” 

Trevor Schmidt, lead vocalist of Goldview

In support of the EP release, the band has also released the official visual, directed by Kevin Ha, for their latest single “Brave.” “Brave” highlights the ability to face challenges that come with a turbulent relationship, or just hardships in life in general. The catchy alt-pop beats and jovial guitars on the track — coupled with its melodic lyrics — help to uplift the listener throughout the song. 

Nathan Huynh of Goldview describes the significance of having “Brave” on the album as: 

“Perhaps having courage and being brave could guide someone through a tough relationship. The idea of being ‘Brave’ could be applicable to anything you do in life, such as chasing a goal or dream. It is not necessarily positive, but embarks on the willingness to do something great.” 

Nathan Huynh, bassist of Goldview

Goldview is an Alternative/Pop band from San Jose, California consisting of vocalist Trevor Schmidt, guitarist Newton Huynh, and bassist Nathan Huynh. Initially formed in 2015 by the Huynh brothers, the band underwent various titles and line-up changes before solidifying on Goldview in 2018. 

Inspired by artists such as Green Day, Taylor Swift, and CHVRCHES, Goldview’s music draws various influences in the world of alternative and pop. Touching on themes that discuss life struggles as well as chasing dreams, Goldview’s music is meant for the underdog. 

Goldview has previously opened for acts such as No Pressure (Parker Cannon from The Story So Far), Youth Fountain, Young Culture, Lil Lotus and Crooked Teeth

Stream the new EP Chapters of an Open Heart across DSPs today, and check out the music video for “Brave” on Goldview’s official YouTube channel here