Black Label Society Featured Article


Every week I scour the internet for upcoming exciting shows, the ones that create excitement and cause a stir within the local core rock fans.  So when I read that Black Label Society (BLS) was going to take to stage at the Ace of Spades in Sacramento, I had to be there to witness the metal assault they would bring that brand’s BLS onto the foreheads of their loyal cult followers.  I was there to represent Culture Rock Media and 103.7 The Eagle Rocks … And so I waited for the day!!

Anticipated, the day finally arrives and I’m a bit nervous because this venue is dark and the lighting never all that good but it does hold around 900 peeps so a great vibe can be had if the show goes off without a hitch.  My concern was how my photography will turn out, and well to my surprise it ended up ok.  I wasn’t there to cover the opener and to be honest I didn’t care too much after hearing them either.

The crowd started to grow thick towards the end of the opening band and I could tell the fans in the front will pay (and probably with pleasure) with bodies smashing up against them from behind, pushing them even more forward, if it’s possible, into the pit barrier in front of the stage.

BLS without a doubt delivers an exceptional show and there would be no exception when the stage erupted with their opening track Genocide Junkies  and in typical fashion Zakk Wild swaggered back & forth tossing his hair across his face causing a frenzy to a sold out crowd … Simply a rockin’ way to start off a kick ass concert!! Going into Funeral Bell and then Suffering Overdue seemed appropriate and mandatory to continue the onslaught of metal brain damage!!  Zakk’s unforgiving guitar riffs and shreds seared through the fans’ brains with hypnotic messages that said “you need this” and drew the fans in deeper like zombies. John DeServio’s thunderous bass line and Jeff Fabb on drums carry the band while Dario Lorina rounds it out with rhythm guitar work. The rest of the set is evident and characteristic of who BLS is and then finishes off with Concrete Jungle and finally Stillborn leaving you breathless with your heart still beating fast on your drive home!!

All in all a super bad ass concert event that “WILL” sell out every time this tour comes through your town … I just said wow, and I’ll do it again!!

Zakk Wylde – Vocals, Guitar
John DeServio – Bass
Jeff Fabb – Drums
Dario Lorina – Guitar