John 5 and The Creatures


Authored by Frankie James

So when it comes to mind just who and what John 5 is; I mean what genre do we put this rock star in? He rocks out and throws out country. He definitely is heavy metal … Not to mention emo, industrial and bluegrass and after seeing John 5 live at Harlow’s in Sacramento, I’ll have to admit he’s like a musical blender performing cutting edge arrangements out of every genre you can imagine.

It’s pretty much impossible to categorize John 5 into any one genre, but that’s what makes this amazing artist worth seeing.  The show is incredible and extremely entertaining, but there’s also something performed for everyone and he will not disappoint.  He breaks just about every rule in the book and dares to be different.

His on stage antics are bar none bringing an array of dark scary creature-like characters as well as funny props into play to wow and amaze the audience.  The light show display from LED’s in his mouth to laser lights on his guitar make the John 5 live concert experience something to remember, and I rate this show one of the best as far keeping you on your feet and interacting with the rest of the fans to create a memory that is definitely worth the ticket price!!  John 5 seems to come around once a year, so keep an eye out for dates near you and score yourself some tickets before it sells out!!

In closing I also want to give Harlows a shout out for their amazing sound that night.  I’m not sure what’s changed there, but I was impressed and having that kind of concert sound mixed for that room configuration is sure to keep bringing on the big names to a an intimate setting!!  Kudos on that Harlows!!!

John 5 is:

John 5 – Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin
Ian Ross – Bass
Logan Nix – Drums