Jonathan Davis


Authored by: Tiffany Melson

Korn frontman, Jonathan Davis, has been on tour starting in April, through the US, and will be continuing through this summer, out of the country, and then to comeback to the US, to play at a couple of festivals.  This is with the release of his debut solo album, Black Labyrinth.  Jonathan started putting the album together in 2007, writing and recording while on tour with Korn.  This has been 10 years in the making, and it is well worth it.  No one was really knowing what to expect from Jonathan with his solo live show.  We just knew a couple of songs that had been released from his new album, and what you could find online, from other people recording the show.  I had to remind some people, like, remember Queen of the Damned?  Everyone agreed that the soundtrack to Queen of the Damned, was the best thing about that movie.  That was Jonathan Davis!  This was what got some people I knew of excited about his live show, that we knew he would have a mix of his new music with Black Labyrinth, and music from Queen of the Damned.  It was perfect for the show.

While waiting between sets, they had classic funk music playing before Jonathan came on stage, with James Brown, and Rick James warming the crowd up.¬† When Jonathan came out, the crowd roared, and he started into “Underneath My Skin,” followed by “Everyone,” then going in to “Foresaken,” this song really got the crowd screaming.¬† It was familiar to everyone, and was beautifully played, and performed.¬† He continued with new material from Black Labyrinth, and a mix of some of his songs from Queen of the Damned, he also had his version of Neil Diamond’s “Love On The Rocks.”¬† He ended the show with an encore of, “What It Is,” and my new favorite “Happiness.”¬† Personally I think that seeing Jonathan with Korn, and seeing him on his solo tour, he has a different persona on stage.¬† He is amazing with each of them, but with his solo tour he seems really chill, and is dancing through out the set.¬† The crowd dug his, and the rest of the bands performance.¬† I would highly recommend that if you get the chance to go see him live for his solo gig, to check it out.¬† You won’t be disappointed.¬† Also be sure to pick up his new album Black Labyrinth, that is available now.