Combichrist Electrifies Holy Diver in Their Return to Sacramento


Authored by Jennifer Black

Combichrist has not toured through Sacramento since they played at Ace of Spades back in March 2015 with Filter, Coal Chamber, and American Head Charge. That show was on a Monday night, and the music started before 7 p.m., so we all had to fight rush hour traffic to get there in time for American Head Charge’s set; it made for a crazy night. However, it was so worth the craziness back then, and it was definitely worth coming out and staying for all five bands on this tour package, as they returned to Sacramento to perform with Wednesday 13, Night Club, Prison, and Death Valley High at Holy Diver on Saturday, May 19!

Each band drew in the crowd, and with each set, the floor got more crowded, the crowd got more energized, and the fans got more emphatic in their need to show their love to the bands. Death Valley High and Prison rocked the first two sets, and both were powerful and full of talent. Night Club changed it up with a two-person set (DJ and vocalist), which had the crowd dancing throughout, which explains the name, “Night Club!” The vocalist was incredibly talented and sexy—like a very dark Britney Spears (goes techno/Goth/EBM), and the DJ was on point throughout the heavy-thumping set. Soon after, the floor was packed like a can of sardines, and things started to get a bit rough out there, as more and more fans fought to push closer to catch a few glimpses of the always-captivating Wednesday 13 (of Murderdolls) in a more intimate setting than usual. The floor became a sea of Goth fans moshing and holding up cell phones trying to video the unique performance that many came to specifically to see. Wednesday 13 never disappoints, and every band member gave their all at Holy Diver. Definitely, a must-see, if you never have seen Wednesday before.

Then, just when I thought it couldn’t get hotter, any more crowded, or any rougher, Combichrist hit the stage with fog, crazy strobes, and solid red lights. The performance was literally electrifying; a few seconds into the set, they blew all of the lights and sound in the club. The band, however, with consummate professionalism, waited patiently, and rode through the dark silence like champs until sound and light were expeditiously restored. They didn’t miss a beat and brought their hardcore fans right back to life. The floor was the roughest I’ve ever witnessed it at this venue, as the pit surged forward and back, and to both sides. I got crushed and tossed around for the duration of their performance. The band had every person present jumping into the air, and they performed like it was their last show ever. The guitar and keys were solid, and the drummers were a sight to see, filled with charisma covering both sides of the stage. One kit even faced sideways for all to view! While one drummer wore haunting makeup, the other drummer just appeared haunted. As in every time before, Combichrist brought their signature industrial sound their fans were craving, and no one in the house left unsatisfied. It was yet another amazing performance – at least the third in the last seven years – from a great electro-industrial band. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait three years for Combichrist to visit us again, but if we do, they are totally worth the wait!

Jennifer Black, Black J Photo