Eden’s Curse Interview By Emili


-Firstly, it‚Äôs a pleasure that we can have your words here, and would like to tell you congratulations about the new release.  I often tune the album and can sing them now!

PL: Thank you Emili! I’m delighted you enjoy the music.

– I was feeling that you made this album for your precious fans especially, how did you get the idea of the best album release at this timing?

PL: Yes, that is true. Essentially it is aimed at our fans, in particular disc two, which features a brand new song and all of the exclusive bonus tracks we have released throughout the world. Disc one is aimed at both, current fans and new potential suitors. If you always fancied checking out our music and don’t know where to begin, this is in our opinion a great starting point. The timing of the release came via discussions with our label

AFM Records. We have such an open and close relationship and we are always bouncing ideas off of each other. We both felt it was a perfect time, especially with us heading out on tour with Michael Schenker Fest in the UK.

– Who were choosing the tunes for the best album, and consider the songs order?

PL: I chose the songs with our A&R director at AFM, Timo Hoffmann. I put together the running order exactly like we would perform it as a set list if we were playing it live and I think it really works.

РIf there’s a person who’s never listened to Eden’s Curse, how do you introduce/explain/appeal about the band?

PL: Big hooks, big guitars, big riffs, big backing  vocals, big production and big melodies. Musically we wear our heart on our sleeves – it has everything from our Queensryche to Journey to Dream Theater to Edguy influences.

– Oppositely, if there‚Äôre years followers of yours who of course have all the albums, may I ask you if they could have any words from you about the special album? 

PL: Disco two was compiled especially with our long time fans in mind. We are very much a band who listens to its fan base. For years, we have been asked ‚Äúcan you release all the bonus tracks on one disc‚ÄĚ. Unfortunately, for contractual reasons, that was unable to happen until now, as we extended our worldwide deal with AFM Records. There are a couple of extra special tracks that have been released on general release ever before and of course a brand new song called ‚ÄėForever‚Äô.

– We know that your live performance is lovely, will you play the newer edition of the songs in the 2nd disk in any gigs, or already?

PL: We will do the ‚ÄėTestament UK Tour‚Äô in April 2019, where we will play the best of album in full along with ‚ÄėForever‚Äô.

– There‚Äôre 2 types of bands in the scene nowadays, 1: Playing the back hit catalogs most  2: Playing new tunes mainly, I can understand both, and I have my fav bands in both. Which is Eden‚Äôs Curse, and why?‚Ķ otherwise, is there the 3rd option? 

PL: I was say number 1 is mainly older bands that ‚Äúhad‚ÄĚ hits back in the day. We are still a relatively underground band trying to find our big break, so we play a selection of all songs.

– Any future plans of the band that you can tell us?  Tours, recordings etc‚Ķ? 

PL: As I mentioned above, we will do the ‚ÄėTestament UK Tour‚Äô in April 2019, we also will perform at Planet Rock‚Äôs Winter‚Äôs End Festival in England in March and out with that we will begin working on writing our new album.

– If you introduce Eden‚Äôs Curse in one word, which word would you like to? 

PL: Melodic

– Could you please leave a message to your fans all over the world via here, Culture Rock Media?

PL: Thank you for your support! It truly means the world to us and it is the very thing that has kept us going for twelve years. If you keep wanting our music, we shall keep writing it. Stay Cursed \m/

Thanks a lot for answering the questions, Paul!! 

The Band

Vocals: Nikola Mijic

Guitar: Thorsten Koehne

Bass: Paul Logue

Keyboards: Chrism

Drums: John Clelland

Live Photos: Emili Muraki

Band Photo: Emili Muraki (edited by Thomas Ewerhard )


10 MAR РPlanet Rock Winter’s End

14 APR – The Underworld, LONDON

15 APR – Trillans, NEWCASTLE

16 APR – Yardbirds, GRIMSBY

17 APR – Eleven, STOKE

18 APR – The Robin 2, BILSTON

19 APR – Corporation, SHEFFIELD

20 APR – Mini Arts Centre, PONTYPRIDD

21 APR – The Grace G2 – GLASGOW