Angel Vivaldi Review The Boardwalk, Orangevalle Ca


Angel Vivaldi … What can I say? He played regionally and wowed audiences and then began touring in 2015 with a headlining US/Canada tour with The Algorithm. He continued to tour extensively throughout 2016, ending with co-headlining US tour with Gus G (Ozzy Osbourne, Firewind).  This now brings us to date.

Originally hailing from New Jersey, Angel Vivaldi has brought his east coast vibe of guitar wizardry in progressive metal & instrumental rock to the west coast stage yet one more time.  More recently on his “Guitar Collective 2018 Tour” with another amazing guitarist Nita Strauss.  I’ve seen Strauss shred it up, but I’ve never witnessed the assault of Avaladi’s guitar work before … and I have to say it was nothing short of Bad-Ass, and its no wonder with Angel having been voted as the 3rd best Guitarist of 2014 by

His melodic leads, metal crunches and riffs hold memorable feelings close to the brain.  Everything seems choreographed and often comical.  Vivaldi plays off the other artists in a unique kind of way that make this genre of music stand out on the stage and enjoyable.  There wasn’t a whole lot of emotion from the sold out crown with the exception of stares of amazement and jaws dropped … then a delayed cheer with scream, but always after that huge impact of “I am GOD” guitar finesse.

For the hard to believe ticket price of $18, there was a lot of bang for the buck and it’s nice to see amazing shows like this come back for massive value, that if you didn’t go, you’d have to ask yourself why??!!  Hell I know some of the local cover bands that want $15 and there’s nothing original about it … Not to take away from their musicianship or the good times to b had, but you know what I’m talking about.  So for me, this tour is one of the better stage shows out there, and ya got a few bucks left to buy a band t-shirt and a few drinks to support both the tour and the venue.  It’s a win – win to me and should be for everyone else.  I highly recommend this show, get your tix if it comes to a venue near you!!