Buckcherry & Joyous Wolf / Ace Of Spades


Authored by Frankie James

It all started back in Anaheim, 1995 and Buckcherry was formed. But solid success came true and knocked on their front door when the massive killer crossover hit “Crazy Bitch” found the air waves, then followed up by the top 100 Billboard hit “Sorry”.  Which brings them here today after 7 studio albums and now on tour with their 8th installment called “Warpaint” … Definitely making their loyal, long standing fans happy and excited for a rockin’ eve on the horizon.

I’ve photographed Buckcherry before in Las Vegas and all I remember was how amazing their sound was dialed in, so this would be a natural go to for me because they pretty much had me by the jugular after that last concert performance. There were still just a handful of tickets left a day before the show at Nor-Cal’s Ace OF Spades, but it did sell out and for a Wed that can prove tough to do.

First up and supporting the tour was the ever more amazing Joyous Wolf.  They never disappoint with their high energetic stage performance that simply rocks the crowd into mis-belief!!  After being signed to Roadrunner Records, they have hit the tour circuit heavily gaining fans quickly throughout the country often leaving them with jaw dropped expressions followed by “Damn, that shit was bad-ass”!! And although most ticket holders were there to see Buckcherry (Only because they haven’t heard of them), they definitely got their money’s worth with Joyous Wolf on the bill and you can bet they won over just about every music lover in the venue!! To make a long story short, this was a perfect bill of awesome Rock & Roll. (There is another full review on Joyous Wolf previously published here in CRM, check it out)

So Buckcherry is ready to take stage and kick off their tour right in Sacramento, the Capital of California and anticipation builds to hear that all too familiar sound the band is known for.  Staring it off with “Head Like A Hole” Buckcherry got the crowd pumped and ready for what’s next to come. With this being their first show on the tour there wasn’t any prior set list to go by and this had their fans wondering what was going to be played … A good thing in my book!! The NIN cover came off the stage nicely then transitioned into “It’s A Party” where suddenly they ran into sound issues with Josh’s Mic as well Stevie D’s guitar and caused a bit of frustration with the band and venue which was clearly understandable as it wasn’t their fault.  That was resolved quickly and Buckcherry continued to tear the stage up and give the fans what they wanted to hear with most of their top hits and eventually going into the oncore with “Wrath” and then to wrap it all up with “Ridin’.  Overall, the concert was just as amazing as seeing them before.  The antics and bare-chested, tattooed display of musicianship made for one kickass evening of rock music adrenaline!! No complaint here even with a couple of sound hiccups, that quite frankly any concert can experience.

Buckcherry is still on tour so you most certainly have that chance to get your fix on!!

Buckcherry is:
Josh Todd
Stevie D.
Kelly Lemieux
Kevin Roetgen
Sean Winchester

Set List:

  • Head Like a Hole
    It’s a Party
  • Somebody Fucked With Me
  • Rose
  • Lit Up
  • Say Fuck It
  • Back Down
  • Everything
  • Too Drunk…
  • Sorry
  • Gluttony
  • Crazy Bitch

  • Oncore:
  • Wrath
  • Ridin’