Lords Of Acid Hard Rock Live, Las Vegas


Authored by:  Frankie James

To be brutally honest, I’ve never witnessed the stage show that Lords of Acid delivers to the audience.  I’ve had friends & music lovers tell me they are amazing, I’ve seen pics that are bad ass and I’ve read reviews that pretty much tells me that I need to see their live show!!  And so this opportunity arises and I find myself flying to Las Vegas to not only experience this band myself, but to photograph and write a review to be published in Culture Rock Media!!

I’m a different type of writer, as many of you know … I don’t do a whole lot of research, but rather focus on what is happening right now.  This exact concert that I’m seeing and give “that” experience and musical journey to the readers. There were several openers Little Miss Nasty, Genitorturers and Orgy whom themselves deserve props, and I’ll create a different article review with photos for those bands.

To start off there’s blow up dolls everywhere including the photo pit which I found myself walking over and taking a few pics of them with fans, quite entertaining to say the least, so I knew I was in for a crazy experience, and that really didn’t come as a surprise to me.  Lords of Acid came out on stage with hypnotic sounds drawing you in and you can feel the intensity of the crowd starting to fill the air … Marieke Bresseleers (AKA DJ Mea) came out and it just got insanely loud with the fans that came out in droves to pay their respects to LOA. Her swagger and sultry, sexual prowess and deliberate appearance equals amazing.  The band was mesmerizing, the lighting with a color palette to please the eyes and sound reminiscent of a 60’s psychedelic band with today’s hard rock and mood technology.   

The front of house sound was perfect with zero flaws, and even there were some you’d never know because there’s so much going you would never catch it.  The guitar crunch chords and riffs intentionally distorted together with nice deep basslines that seemed to flow effortlessly, the drums dialed in with keys designed to spin your head into a LOA induced music coma.  Lods have taken somewhat of a hiatus, but it’s proven that being back for another round of “We’ll take you for a spin” is working and there’s no love lost … In fact, they have most likely gained another round of strong followers. 

To make things clear, Lords Of Acid takes you on their journey … And the stage show, the concert performance, the musical cast … it’s simply not forgettable, it is indeed something that you tell your close music lover friends about!! And this is how it’s done, and they do it well!!

Lords Of Acid is:

Praga Khan

Erhan Kurken

Marieke Bresseleers

Sin Quirin

Galen Waling

Dietrich Thrall


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