AWAKE AT LAST Release Debut LP, ‘The Change’


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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:June 21, 2019 – Dover, DE based Dark Pop / Hard Rock Band AWAKE AT LAST has released their debut LP, The Change.

Advance Praise for The Change

“An exploration of universal themes, a search to locate our place in the mayhem of life, The Change is an album that proves that Awake At Last are, as just mentioned above, a band to watch. Throughout the collection they continuously inspire listeners to wake up, smell the roses, and to face life’s challenges—be they inner battles or speaking our voices to make a change in the world—and they implore each of us to do all of this with an empowering smile on our faces. With solid musicianship, catchy songs, and this hyper-awareness to modern strife, Awake At Last are making a change, one track at a time. Consider yourself woke! Cryptic Rock give Awake At Last’s The Change 3.5 of 5 stars.” – CrypticRock

“The Change is a solid, consistent piece of work that holds the listeners interest throughout.” – RockDocumented “The Change will take you through many different emotions on this journey. Welcome To Life kicks things into gear and the pace only lets up a bit on tracks like Let Go and My Enemy. Awake At Last wear their influences openly and with pride so I am not going to compare them to other bands. Instead I would challenge you to give them a listen and form your own opinion. What I hear is all the ingredients necessary to be a powerful band for years to come. In this world we live in a positive message is important now maybe more than ever. Awake At Last are carrying that message holding it high and charging into the battle with pride.” – Outlaw Review