Sublime With Rome


Authored by Frankie James

Lets face it, although mainly rooted by the original Fishbone in the 60’s (what? You didn’t know? When American Ska / Punk finally hit the scene, Sublime was right there soakin’ it all in and became a go to for this genre generation. With the passing of Bradley Nowell’s in 1996, and a sad one at that, it was decided to keep this vibe going with Rome Ramirez in attempt to solidify the band’s laid back spark and stay alive. Since this inception, they are still the go to with the Gen X genre as well a new-found following and are definitely considered as one of the premier reggae rock acts around the world.

However, this was that easy …

When Ramirez took over as the Sublime lead singer in 2009,the shoes to fill proved extremely difficult as Nowell’s loyal original fans had a hard time accepting a new frontman … Ya know the new supposed main man, and let me tell you, loyalists take that shit seriously!  The uncertainty sunk in, gambles were taken, risks of denial were brought out front and who woulda thunk that out of nowhere that Sublime should jump the shark and take this band to other almost impossible high’s.  

As a huge fan, me personally … Back then I didn’t think they had a chance, andI’ll be brutally honest … I did not go see a show since covering them at the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno for this review, and of course my pics of them. So I’d come to expect a good show and excited to see the live transition that has already been around for a decade and has already dominated the reggae circles.  The show was a near sellout and performing on the world’s largest indoor stage was pretty amazing.  There’s No Doubt (and no pun either) lol that the fans enjoyed every second of this concert and brought everyone to their feet dancing in the isles as well front of stage and it became extremely evident that I have missed out this last 10 years.  I also have to say that the Sublime concert has the best, most peaceful and loyal fans a band can have.

A true testament to a band that no only remains to their original roots in genre, but able to reinvent themselves as well. Sublime With Rome never forgot their original sound and they they continue to amzing by play hits spanning their career, dating back to ’90s classics such as “What I Got” and “Date Rape” …  while mixing in truth from the early days of the band. As an example, 2011’s “Panic” and “Take It or Leave It” and surprisingly it fits right in!!  Killer job keepin’ it real brothers!!

By Frankie J … “Anyone got ear plugs?”

Sublime With Rome is:

Eric Wilson (Bass)

Rome Ramirez (Vocals/Guitar)

Carlos Verdugo (Drums)