AFTERSHOCK 2019 WRAP-UP Huge Success!!


Well, another year has passed and the 2019 AFTERSHOCK FESTIVAL has come and gone, but not before a memorable series of events.  With what many believe was the best ever line-up, and to add a 3rd day for the first time, massive hype, advertising, marketing and word of mouth came into play … And the entire DWP team created a “Monster” (no pun intended) in the making that would end up breaking attendance records and rewriting the history books in how to bring smiles, headbangs, fist pumps and excitement to rock & metal fans that are the ultimate target demographic for just about all ages!

There would be new challenges adding a third day, such as parking, existing local traffic concerns and the flow of massive amounts of people. A couple streets were blocked off and it seemed there would be a bit more walking to do this year.  Not a bad idea actually because it did give fans that have been drinking a chance to walk it off before getting into cars. As for myself, I ended up parking near by and took UBER in the rest of the way. Drop off and pick up points were created which simplified things if you were going that route.

Because of the two entrances, the lines were never really that long to get in and moved quickly. Security did their job as usual.  They layout pretty much remained the same as far as where the stages were. What I did like were the set times on the two main stages.  They didn’t overlap as they sometimes did in the past and most fans were able to see all the bands, however I did find a struggle to see a band on the smaller Coors stage, but it’s gotta be difficult to coordinate that without issues.  Timing was definitely key. The festival grounds was kept clean and well groomed and for some reason it wasn’t as dusty as previous years.

With the announcement of Metallica performing at all five of DWP festivals in 2020, ticket sales are sure to be brisk and sell quickly. So my suggestion is to secure yours soon as possible.  For those that can’t spring the entire purchase at once, from what I understand there is a new lay away plan available … Best jump on that right away cuz now there’s no excuses!!  

All in all, and on the behalf of Culture Rock Media, we enjoyed AFTERSHOCK immensely and will definitely look forward to 2020’s line-up … Who would you like to see there?

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