Lacuna Coil / Ace of Spades, Sacramento


Authored By: By Frankie James

Well here we go again!  For me, Lacuna Coil is once more a band I had to cover! Although I’ve been to a couple of their concerts, I’ve never photographed them for publication.  So this opportunity arises and I’m in heaven, one of the bands on my media bucket list is happening … And what a kick ass night of rock it was!!

It was a Thursday eve, the venue close to selling out, but the hard-core fans were definitely there in full force.  I wasn’t there for the openers, and although I’m sure they were amazing in their own right, I’m not going to comment on that … I was pretty much there for Lacuna Coil alone.  I’ve been a fan of this band for quite some time, OK and I’ll admit I’m a sucker for female fronted bands and as far as I’m concerned, Cristina Scabbia has some of the best vocal range and vibrato in the business, not to boot the band having been around since I believe 1994 = Well seasoned.

The band isn’t without issues having had several member changes, but there’s one thing for sure, Lacuna Coil core members remained solidly loyal and have always risen above and beyond to satisfy the metal urge of their “cult like” following.  That is something very difficult to do! Blood, Tears, Dust was what started the set off and immediately the fans moved forward towards the barriers to take in what was going to happen! Diego “Didi” Cavalotti / guitars and Marco Coti Zelati / bass complementing each other with killer riffs and booming bass-lines while drummer Richard Meiz filled the room with heartfelt booms and snare snaps along with their signature vocals of Cristina Scabbia and Andrea Ferro rounding it all out which creates the genius music Lacuna Coil is known for. 

Continuing on to Trip The Darkness and then Our Truth totally solidifies their greatness as a band and this was just the start of it for the evening! But when their new track Layers of Time came about, the crowd started to rally harder and cheers got louder and didn’t stop from that point on. Another new track Reckless was eventually performed just before the encore of Nothing Stands In Our Way … A well seasoned hit that ended the set only with the crowd wanting more.  

So to close out things a bit in this review, I came away with freakin’ enjoying this concert, and better then the other times I’ve seen them perform. How does a band get better after 25 years?  Go see them, pay attention and find out for yourself. Highly recommended!!

Lacuna Coil is:

Andrea Ferro
Marco Coti Zelati
Cristina Scabbia
Diego CavallottiRichard Meiz