Red Voodoo New Video Release “Rise Up”, Produced By Frank Hannon


This young band out of NorCal’s Sacramento was already making their mark on the local music scene playing most of the areas clubs and larger venues, and have opened up for some pretty nice touring acts, inculding an upcoming show with Y&T, famed Bay Area rockers from yesteryear and still touring strong!!

Dino McCord’s incredible vocals and the rest of the Red Voodoo band eventually caught the listening ear of the multi-talented guitarist, singer and producer Frank Hannon, co-founder of one of the most icon rock bands of all time, Tesla. Hannon is known for working with younger talent that knows how to benchmark themselves for the future … An extremely difficult thing to do in today crazy music industry. Capturing a foothold right along side of the many rock bands on the rise is something all bands want to achieve.

The Corona Virus ended up being a huge mess, but as well a blessing to some in the music industry, the blessing because it offered time to hone in the skills of your band and be more creative with writing and arrangement. One of the song ideas coming out of Red Voodoo was a track called Rise Up, ironically slated to the current virus outbreak, and forward to Frank Hannon for a listen and ended up being the first installment of what I think will be many more to come!

Prior, Dino had heard about Frank’s skills as an engineer and producer of studio recordings from his father. As it turns out Frank had recorded demos for Dino’s father in local bands 30 years ago. Dino and his dad attended a Frank solo concert and Dino sat in to sing the Tesla classic “Getting Better.” The guys then discussed the idea of having Frank coach the band on songwriting and recording a debut single for Red Voodoo. Now the team is working on developing the band even further. Talk about making a full circle right?

Nick Pesely – Drummer for the band sent me the link to their new music video Rise Up under Frank Hannon Productions. I loved the track for several reason, one I’m a huge fan of the Black Crowes and Black Coffee and I have to say, Dino’s vocals have the same type of soulful chops with a range suitable for much, much more. Secondly, the arrangement and lyrics is masterful, and together creates feeling and emotion, once again very difficult to do especially with a younger band.

Red Voodoo is:

Davin Loiler – Guitar/backing vocals
Nick Pesely – Drums
Dino McCord – Vocals/guitar
Andrew Edwards – Bass/backing vocals

Produced by: Frank Hannon ProductionRed Hawk Records

I’m not going to get into this further because you’ll just have to give it a listen yourself. In closing, I give congrats to Red Voodoo and to the incredible Frank Hannon for his work with up and coming younger bands … The future generation of Rock & Roll!!

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