Reid Henry / ex My Darkest Days, Begins Solo Career With The Release of His Debut Single “Monster”


By: Frankie James

Reid Henry is a singer/songwriter from Toronto, Canada. 

First stepping onto the music scene as guitarist of platinum-selling rock band My Darkest Days and touring the world performing the strip club anthem Porn Star Dancing. In 2013 with Matt Walst joining Three Days Grace, Reid pressed on establishing Deadset Society as lead vocalist and songwriter. 

Now, with Deadset Society on hiatus and hundreds of millions of streams in the rear view mirror, Reid begins his solo career with the release of his debut single Monster.

You can listen / watch Monster here:

The new “Monster” single release by Reid Henry runs true to what you can expect from him! It’s heavy, hard hitting, subliminal and runs deep through your veins. Definitely a drug you need. The industrial-ish arrangement knocks it out of the park, and truly plants it’s feet for a solid foundation. Reid isn’t new to the morphing music industry and pretty much knows what his fans can expect from him, especially live, as I’ve witnessed a couple times with Deadset Society. Needless to say, I was instantly a fan!! So of course when I learned Henry was going to release something solo, it was a natural gravitational pull for me go check it out. Obviously, there’s no disappointment because I’m now writing about it.

It’s extremely difficult to remain relevant in today music world, and even more so if you’re suddenly releasing solo. This industry will chew you up and spit you out in a New York minute, unless of course you can supply the demand! I think Reid Henry has done this, and more. The first time I gave it a listen, I immediately had to listen a second time, then a third, and well you get my point. I guess what I’m trying to say is, Henry’s new single Monster, is addicting!!

Check it out, give it a listen and share, because you’ll love it! An authentic endorsement which I rarely do. Worth your time and effort if you’re a fan of Three Days Grace, My Darkest Days and Deadset Society …


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