Collateral … South East Kent, UK Rock Band!


(MR.) BIG SHOT”….or what?! Authored by Wendy van Frank

It isn’t just the USA that’s seeing a NWOCR (that’s New Wave Of Classic Rock, for any of you who’ve wisely been living under one this last year). Over here in the UK it’s a burgeoning scene too and as a lover of the genre first time round (I know, I’m getting on a bit), I just had to see what all the fuss was about over a leading light in this resurgence, namely the band Collateral.

With their own bio giving nods to backgrounds in 80s rock, country, Southern rock and metal, this 6 piece from the south of England formed in 2018. By the following year they had beaten fierce competition to win sets on main stages at a couple of seriously prestigious festivals before beating 200,00 other bands (yes, 200,00!) to support Jon Bon Jovi on his Runaway to Paradise Cruise. Bet you’re going to carry on reading now, huh?

We’ve all been there though, haven’t we? Got all fired up with enthusiasm only to be wondering what the Flamin’ Nora all the fuss was about?! (*translation: “WTF?!”). Well, this was definitely not one of those disappointing occasions!

May be an image of 5 people, people standing, people playing musical instruments and guitar

So, anyone else tend to hit YouTube over the likes of Spotify for a first listen to a band, or is it just me? I mean, it’s not that I don’t realise the sound quality might be compromised (not having a top-notch home entertainment system), I get that. I just want the whole picture. Get their total vibe. And with Collateral’s video for their then recently released single Mr. Big Shot, I soon realised you get the whole package!

You have to see for yourself of course, but its melodic rock at its best, in my opinion. It combines depth in song writing, obvious musicianship with great vocals and the video’s tonnes of fun! It cleverly draws you in to listen even though their shenanigans have the potential to distract, not least because they’re a fit bunch (sexist- I know but c’mon, rock generally is!). Then there’s the bonus – for me – of a smattering of Aerosmith and The Darkness about their spirit, but it’s honest; there’s no trying to be anything or anyone else. They naturally ooze cool!

Unsurprisingly, Collateral’s eponymously titled debut album -released just as this pandemic hit – doesn’t disappoint, with a true & consistent quality to their material, validating the critical acclaim these lads rightly attract! I for one can’t wait to catch the band tour it – which hopefully this year will get to happen. I’ll be the female at the back, hair still long, smiling: so bloody happy to hear a sound she’d feared was gone forever, be very much alive & kicking!

Enough from me! ‘Ere you go:



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